A Museum Tribute to Salvador Dali

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A fitting tribute to Salvador Dali can be found at the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres. Salvador Dali was a man that can, by all assessments, be considered ahead of his time. A true visionary, Dali saw the world of art in a way that was different than many, if not virtual all, of his contemporaries. The tribute to Dali encapsulated in the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain is much well deserved. When you visit Barcelona, it only makes sense to try to take a short trip to visit the Salvador Dali museum. It's just an unforgettable experience.

Tribute to Salvador Dali - One of the posters to promote the opening of the Dali Museum in Figueres, 1974

One of the posters to promote the opening of the Dali Museum in Figueres, 1974

An Entrepreneur, Self-Promoter and Visionary

The artist wanted to extend his vision out in as many directions as possible. A case in point for this comes from both Salvador Dali prints and Salvador Dali perfumes. Dali ventured beyond the realm designated for most artists of his day, and even our current day, as he set out in a very entrepreneurial fashion to create his own Salvador Dali perfume.

Moreover, his use of limited edition Salvador Dali posters was a smart way to promote the opening of his Salvador Dali Museum, which was envisioned to be one of the most significant art events of its kind when it took place in 1974.

A fact that is missed by so many people and even art experts when they consider the Salvador Dali biography, is that Dali was more than a visionary artist. The simple fact is that this artist was an aggressive self-promoter and entrepreneur. Dali sought to make the most of the mystery and mystic that he purposefully surrounded himself in. For example, he often spoke in a combination of several different languages when interacting with others.

This was done to heighten his persona and, in turn, the value of his name. He also intentionally gave misinterpretations of the meaning of his artworks to create even more of a buzz around them!

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Tribute to Salvador Dali - Dali's signature styles are catalogued and used by experts to verify authenticity

Dali's signature styles are cataloged and used by experts to verify authenticity

In a Fitting Tribute to Salvador Dali - His Signature Alone Was Worth $40

At one point, Dali learned that his signature alone was worth $40. He then developed a signature that took him only two seconds to sign. At this point signed Salvador Dali prints could be produced not the hundreds, but by the thousands. This translated into a consistent source of income for Dali for many years to come.

Those wishing to understand the depth of his vision and his approach to art should visit what is the greatest tribute to Dali in the form of the museum in his hometown of Figueres. There, visitors can see more than Salvador Dali paintings, as they can also see sculpture, photography, and jewelry.

In a sense the museum is more than a tribute to Dali; it is also a sort of living Salvador Dali biography where visitors can understand more of the man and how he approached life, business and art.

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Tribute to Salvador Dali - The Museum in Figueres

The Museum in Figueres

Salvador Dali and his Artistic Vision

Dali saw the landscape of the art world as being fertile ground for his imagination. As a result, he touched on a wide array of different mediums and set out to capture the imagination of both, the art world and the general population alike. This meant that Dali was a marvelous self-promoter that cultivated an unusual and hypnotic persona that drew people into his world.

His approach to art, the fact that he worked in so many different mediums and his drive and ability to successfully self-promote, all combined uniquely. The result was that Dali was able to translate his artistic vision not just into a business, but also into a brand name. This ability is rare among artists.

Tribute to Salvador Dali - Soft Self Portrait, 1941

Soft Self Portrait, 1941

The Salvador Dali Museum

We see evidence of the Dali brand name in so much that the artist did and accomplished in his life. The Salvador Dali Museum in his hometown of Figueres richly encapsulates his diverse accomplishments and the successful creation of a brand.

All one has to do is look around this museum to understand the drive, creativity, and cleverness of one of the world’s real artistic geniuses. The Salvador Dali Museum is in effect a tribute to Dali, all he accomplished and how he transformed the art world.