Eating Excellent Tapas and Seafood at Tickets Restaurant Barcelona

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Tickets Restaurant Barcelona is a great example of a unique restaurant worthy of any food lover. Tickets comes to use from brothers Ferran Adria and Albert Adria. Fans of fine food in Barcelona will know that this establishment is a real hit. Travelers will want to check out all that this great restaurant has to offer.

Tickets Restaurant Barcelona - Make a reservation in advance and don't miss this restaurant

Make a reservation in advance and don't miss this restaurant

Making Reservations is a Must!

This is the kind of restaurant where everyone wants a table. Of course, this also means that you should be prepared to make a reservation. In fact, it is an extremely good idea to book your reservation very far in advance.

If you are currently planning a trip to Barcelona ,then now is the time to set aside an evening for an culinary adventure at Tickets Restaurant Barcelona. Simply stated, if you don’t make a reservation, you will likely have a difficult time experiencing this restaurant firsthand. That would truly be a shame as there are so many exceptional options on the menu.

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Tickets Restaurant Barcelona - Excellent food at a great location

Excellent food at a great location

A Great Location Near Montjuic

All of this culinary delight is made all the sweeter by the fact that The Tickets Restaurant Barcelona is centrally located. The Poble Sec or Green Line is the closest metro station and the restaurant is near Montjuic where you can enjoy several attractions, such as the Fundacio Joan Miro.

Montjuic was chosen as the site of the 1929 International Exposition and was built up with a variety of exciting attractions in honor of this event. This area includes Mies van der Rohe German National Pavilion, the Olympic Stadium, the Magic Fountain, and the Teleferic de Montjuic. All of these places are well worth a visit.

A visit to the Fundacio Joan Miro, followed by an evening at The Tickets make for a truly exceptional day in Barcelona. If you are looking for great food in Barcelona, don't miss this world class restaurant.

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Tickets Restaurant Barcelona - Main entrance

Main entrance

Tickets Restaurant and the Top Chefs

Tickets might be new on the list of Barcelona restaurants, but you can be sure that it is already well known and loved. Attention was given to every aspect of the restaurant’s design and the approach to food.

Natural light abounds, and it is even possible to watch food being prepared by some of Spain’s finest chefs - that is, if you are lucky enough to land one of 5 special booths where you can see all the action up close and personal.

Tickets Restaurant Barcelona - Razor shell clams grilled with ginger, garlic and lemon

Razor shell clams grilled with ginger, garlic and lemon

Showing the Best of Barcelona Restaurants

Dishes at Tickets Restaurant Barcelona are the result of a great deal of thought, planning and care. The owners have a great deal of pride in their work, and they value their reputation.

One reason for this fact is that Ferran Adria was, in fact, the chef of El Bulli, which was considered to be one of the best restaurants in the entire world.

When El Bulli closed down due to financial issues, Adria went on to start Tickets. As a result, everything at Tickets Restaurant Barcelona is treated with care, and you’ll see this fact reflected in the food.

Tickets Restaurant Barcelona - Warm almond cake

Warm almond cake

Great Tapas and Seafood Options

The tapas at Tickets Restaurant Barcelona is a must. Odds are that you probably have not had tapas as authentic and delicious!

If you love seafood, then Barcelona is one of the world’s top picks to indulge yourself. There are a lot of great seafood restaurants in Barcelona, yet even in this crowded field, Tickets manages to stand out. Of course, there is far more on the menu than just seafood. But if you are a fish or shellfish lover, you won't want to miss this establishment that serves the best of Barcelona seafood dishes.

Oysters and clams are treated with particular care. The mixing of ingredients is just right, and the natural complexity of these foods shine through accordingly. Other seafood dishes include an exceptional treatment of cod. Outside of seafood there are numerous interesting pork dishes on the menu, ranging from pork chops cooked in ham to artichokes prepared with ham.

Barcelona restaurants often excel when it comes time for dessert, and you will find that this fact holds true at Tickets Restaurant Barcelona. Save a little room for dessert, and you will not be disappointed.