Visiting The One Club Barcelona in Montjuic

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There is a lot about The One Club Barcelona that is quite different from the other Barcelona nightlife options. First of all, the club has a majorly futuristic vibe. This is a place where you can really have a unique experience and get away from ordinary life. Really, isn’t this what nightlife is all about?

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The One Club at Poble Espanyol

The location for The One Club Barcelona also makes it very unique, it is located inside of Poble Espanyol, which is a historic village that was created in Montjuic for the International Exposition almost 100 years ago.

But the inside of the club is far from historic! It’s a fantastic Barcelona clubbing experience with an amazing sound system and bright strobe lights. The club tends to bring in some very cool AV technology to create a memorable impact.

Enjoying a Large Venue

When you get to The One Club Barcelona, you can expect to find a pretty big place. The venue is round and fits about 1000 people. What about the music? Mostly you will hear techno at The One Club, but they will also play house and electro. There is also a VIP area on the top floor. It’s a beautiful environment to chill out a bit.

Everyone Loves Dancing

No matter what your age or your look may be, you’re welcome at The One Club Barcelona as long as you love to dance. That’s really what this Barcelona clubbing experience is all about. So you will see people of different ages and tourists and locals alike. The only rule is that you must love Barcelona nightlife and want to dance all night long.

When and Where?

The club is open Fridays and Saturdays from 00:30-6:00am. If you love your clubs sleek with a very cool ambiance, you’ll love The One Club Barcelona. Also it gives partiers a chance to escape the urban environment and head towards Montjuic for some serious escapism.

Montjuic is a neighborhood that has a lot of very unique attractions that you will probably love. First of all, you can visit the Magic Fountains, which have a great lightshow and play different kinds of music. The area is also well known for all its green space and parks.

And, of course, it also has interesting museums to visit, such as the Joan Miro Foundation. This museum showcases work by Miro as well as other contemporary artists.

What is Poble Espanyol?

As we mentioned above, it is located in Poble Espanyol. This area is likely to be different from anywhere you have ever visited. We highly recommend checking it out during the day to get all that you can out of the experience.

Initially built as a pavilion for the 1929 International Exposition, it has now taken on a life of its own. It is a historic village and open air museum full of shops and restaurants. Also Poble Espanyol hosts a variety of interesting events throughout the year.

Surprisingly, this attraction is home to some excellent Barcelona nightlife. In addition to The One Club Barcelona, Poble Espanyol is also home to La Terrazza.

This club is located in a beautiful manor house and offers open-air disco. It’s a fantastic spot to hang out by the trees and look out on a beautiful view of the city.

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Getting the Most from your Barcelona Clubbing Experience

Barcelona clubbing is wildly diverse, and The One Club Barcelona serves as a great example of how different each venue might be. Of course, you will want to see the big picture during your trip and visit a variety of different partying locations.

That’s why we are recommending the Barcelona Night Card to all of our readers who are interested in Barcelona nightlife. This card allows you to enter nightclubs for free for an entire week. As long as you arrive before 2am, you’re in! You can use the card at up to 23 different very popular Barcelona clubbing options.

By selecting this card, you will get the most out of your nighttime experience. The One Club Barcelona may very well be the perfect place for you, but you should definitely check out some other options too.