Sidecar Barcelona is Ideal for Hip Music Lovers

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Sidecar Barcelona isn’t one of Barcelona’s mega-clubs, but you won’t care either. The fact of the matter is that the city has plenty of large clubs, and the odds are good that you will make it to at least a couple of those very popular and high profile venues.

Sidecar Barcelona - Having a great time

Having a great time

Sidecar Barcelona Delivers More Than You Might Expect

Sidecar resonates with a vastly different energy than many, if not most, of its Barcelona nightlife counterparts. Travelers do occasionally find Sidecar, but it is most definitely not their first spot. Is it safe call Sidecar a “hidden Barcelona nightlife gem”? The answer is, yes, as Sidecar really does offer up something different.

There are plenty of clubs in Barcelona that lean towards the sophisticated, well-dressed sector of the market, but Sidecar is a little edgier than those clubs and most definitely a little different. Many might feel as though its Plaza Reial location is a bit of an oddity for a club like Sidecar, and they’re right. It is also the heart and soul of its clear and lasting charm.

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Sidecar Barcelona - Plastico Indie Pop Club, every Wednesday

Plastico Indie Pop Club, every Wednesday

Not the Typical Barcelona Nightclub Crowd

So what is the crowd like at Sidecar Barcelona? Overall, the crowd is a quite a bit younger than many other clubs. You are far more likely to see cool kids with tattoos than you are the fashion obsessed or fashion forward.

There are plenty of other clubs in Barcelona that cater to the more fashionable, but that is definitely not the vibe at small, tight and somewhat dark Sidecar.

Sidecar’s approach and environment helps make it a unique Barcelona nightclub experience. Once you’ve checked out some of the bigger clubs you will definitely find that Sidecar is a Barcelona nightlife revelation. The music is varied and the tone of the crowd is usually a bit different from what you might expect.

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Sidecar Barcelona - The terrace at Plaça Reial

The terrace at Plaça Reial

A Great Location in Plaza Reial

The location of Sidecar helps to make it an easy trip. Located in the widely popular and festive Plaza Reial area, Sidecar Barcelona is a breeze to find. It’s only a block away from Las Ramblas. While you’re in Plaza Reial, be sure to check out the streetlamps designed by Gaudi!

Of course, Plaza Reial is full with things to do including restaurants, cafes and nightlife, and this Barcelona nightclub only adds to the long list.

More than likely, you will find yourself in the Las Ramblas area during your trip and Sidecar will conveniently be right nearby. This means that a trip is a must for anyone looking to party!

Sidecar Barcelona - Apoteosis


A Sharp Focus on Variety at Sidecar Barcelona

Variety is a big deal at Sidecar, and this tops the reasons for why you should support this staple of Barcelona nightlife. Many other nightclubs place varying degrees of emphasis on featuring a variety of different kinds of music, but Sidecar Barcelona really takes it to the next step.

Don’t be surprised to find a different type of music being featured virtually every night of the week. Part of Sidecar’s strategy for distinguishing itself seems to be this sharp focus on variety. There is also another side to this variety as well. If you keep your eye on Sidecar’s calendar, you’ll quickly realize that the venue also hosts other cool events, such as art shows.

Sidecar Barcelona - Stage and long Bar in the basement

Stage and long Bar in the basement

Sidecar Offers Plenty of Flair

However, you may miss Sidecar, and that would be a shame, as this great club offers something a little different for music lovers and travelers who are looking to party.

Sidecar Barcelona may not be very large, as the dance floor may hold about 300 people. This number is definitely on the smaller side in the city, but what this club may lack in size it certainly makes up for in style and flair.

Also, unlike many other Barcelona nightlife spots, Sidecar is essentially one large room with a performing stage and, of course, you can be sure there is a bar!