Taking a Short Break to Barcelona - Want to Save Money?

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Are you looking to take a short break to Barcelona and wonder how much will it cost? Here you will find some useful tips on how to save money by taking cheap weekend breaks to Barcelona. One of the great things about the city is that it has quite a few centralized locations where you can enjoy a wide variety of things to do without having to travel all over the city.

As a result, you can spend just a few days in the city and get to see a lot of Barcelona highlights, such as Las Ramblas, The Gothic Quarter, La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell during your short break.

Short Break to Barcelona - Sagrada Fanilia in Christmas

Sagrada Familia in Christmas

Consider Traveling Outside of Barcelona Tourism Season

In Barcelona, the weather is fairly mild all year. Even in the winter, you will find that it doesn't get too cold. For example, in January the high temperature is 56 degrees (13°C). Even at night, it will rarely get any colder than 40 degrees. This means that even though this time of year isn't as popular with tourists, you can still get outside and experience what the city has to offer.

Since you are here at our website Barcelona budget, we can only assume that you love a good bargain on Barcelona tourism. Well, the good news about taking city breaks in Barcelona during the off-season is that you can typically get reduced prices on everything on the Best of Barcelona list, from travel to hotels and certain activities. Even some restaurants and shops will offer lower prices when it's not the height of the Barcelona tourism season.

Holiday Packages to Barcelona and Deals

The good news is that many airlines will give good deals to those who are just taking weekend trips. That means that you will find different budget flights to select from, especially if you are coming to Barcelona from another part of Europe.

Though the best option will probably be to buy a sort of "all-included vacation package to Barcelona." The holiday package already includes a cheap flight and a good level hotel at a top location. This option allows you to save big, and you quickly book all in one place your short break or long weekend in Barcelona,

Short Break to Barcelona - Park Guell is among Antoni Gaudi's major works

Park Guell is among Antoni Gaudi's major works

Experiencing the Best of Barcelona on a City Break in Barcelona

One thing we recommend for those taking a Barcelona city break is to book a tour that will conveniently take them around the city. For example, the Bus Turistic has three different lines that will take you to different areas. Plus, you will receive a variety of coupons when you arrive.

A bus tour allows you to travel to check out many different areas of the city during your city break to Barcelona. Plus, you will be able to see many of the attractions on the Best of Barcelona list, without having to spend the time to navigate the city on your own. Buy tickets for the Bus Turistic here.

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Short Break to Barcelona - Joan Miro mosaic in Las Ramblas

Joan Miro mosaic on Las Ramblas

Recommendation for a Short Break to Barcelona

Also be sure to check out the Barcelona Card, which is perfect for Barcelona tourism. Not only will this card give you free public transport all over the city, including the airport, but also you will also receive savings on shopping, restaurants, nightlife and famous attractions. It also will give you free admission to the most important museums in the city, and you can skip waiting in line. This, of course, is perfect for travelers with a limited amount of time to spare. You can purchase your card to match the exact duration of your trip. Buy the Barcelona Card here.

A short break can give you a real taste of the city. Part of the reason that this is the case is that there are parts of the city, such as Las Ramblas and The Gothic Quarter where you can see many things on the Best of Barcelona list.

And, don't forget, a Barcelona weekend break presents you with a fantastic opportunity to get deals including reduced rate airfare, shopping, and Barcelona tourist attractions.

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Short Break to Barcelona - Shopping center Arenas de Barcelona

Shopping center Arenas de Barcelona

Shopping Discounts During a Short Break

Great winter sales will run from mid-January to late February. Believe it or not, you can find savings of up to 70% off! If you take your city break to Barcelona during the off-season, you can actually cash in and go home with lots of new goods from art to clothing and souvenirs, and more. You can also find summer sales that run mid-July through late August.

Short Break to Barcelona - Fira Barcelona venue at Montjuic (Montjuic fair and exhibition center)

Fira Barcelona venue at Montjuic (Montjuic fair and exhibition center)

Barcelona for Business

Barcelona is home to a variety of fairs and exhibitions throughout the year. Travelers tend to be thrilled when they find out that they are heading to this city for a conference. Even the Convention Center is full of style, as this 67,000-square meter building was designed by architect Josep Lluis Mateo.

Many people plan to take a short break to Barcelona during a business trip. Just add on a few extra days to your itinerary, and you too will have a chance to see many Barcelona highlights!