Visiting Shoko Barcelona - Shoko Club, Shoko Restaurant, or Both?

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When you visit Shoko Barcelona, it will be a memorable experience of your trip. As the sea affects every aspect of Barcelona life, it should come as no surprise that this fact also applies to all the different ways that the people of Barcelona relax and have fun. Barcelona nightlife, which ranks among the best in the world, takes advantage of all the sea brings.

Shoko Barcelona - Restaurant with amazing views

Restaurant with amazing views

Shoko - A Place with Views

One great example of a club that makes the most of the sea is Shoko. Shoko Club is based on the sea, and the club even opens up onto the beach; this place has views!

The fact that Barcelona is located so close to the sea has a wide range of implications for travelers and locals alike. Coastal living and the sea are constant elements and factors in Barcelona life.

Incredible water views and ocean breezes mix with the sunny, warm and consistent weather. The end result is a city that truly is like no other. Fresh seafood is abundant, and the city takes its food very, very seriously.

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Shoko Barcelona - Having good food with great views

Having good food with great views

More Than Just a Pretty Face - Shoko is a Dining Experience

Shoko is not only a Barcelona nightclub, but it is also a great restaurant. There is plenty of great food in Barcelona, but finding a spot that has great food, beautiful views, and a fantastic party scene is a little tougher to find.

Impressively, Shoko checks all of these boxes in style. Shoko may be a little pricier than other dining and partying options in Barcelona, but you will definitely walk away with a memorable experience!

The fantastic food combines with great views and an exceptional interior design to produce something that isn’t just unique for Barcelona but is special for anywhere in the world. Most would state that the food at Shoko restaurant is an intelligent fusion of Japanese cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.

Seafood is most definitely on the menu, and the dishes will get your attention! The overall feel produced by Shoko is upscale, yet at the same time quite relaxed.

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Shoko Barcelona - Good music is always present

Good music is always present

Then There is the Music...

With views like this, you might not be expecting a large dance floor, DJs, and great music, but Shoko delivers. There is about a 700 person capacity. The club is divided into the main lounge and a private room.

In addition to the views and the exceptional food, this club also presents its guests with great music options. They often have famous international DJ’s like Felix da Housecat and Groove Armada.

Shoko Barcelona - Private area

Private area

Topped Off by a Central Location in Port Olimpic

Now, you might be thinking that with this much to offer that Shoko is tucked away in a hard to get to spot. Actually, Shoko is very easy to find as it is located in the Port Olympic area. This area is full of great views and, of course, it is a boater's dream.

Port Olimpic certainly made a name for itself in 1992 during the Summer Olympics, as it was a prominent location for the sailing events. The port area is clearly a great spot to visit both day and night. If you want great views, it is tough to top this neighborhood.

In fact, it is safe to state that some of the best views in all of Barcelona can probably be had during a trip to Port Olimpic. The port area is also home to a range of bars and restaurants and even sailing schools.

A day spent at Port Olimpic and a night spent dining and partying at club Shoko will be very memorable! Its proximity to the port means that Shoko is a Barcelona nightlife spot that shouldn’t be missed.

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Shoko Barcelona - Having a great time at Shoko

Having a great time at Shoko

Looking for More Barcelona Nightlife?

If you love nightclubs, you might be a little overwhelmed at all the options that exist in the city. So why visit just one Barcelona nightclub and wonder what you missed?

If you get the Barcelona Night Card, you can visit up to 23 different clubs for free anytime you wish over a 7 day period. You just need to arrive before 2 am. You will also get a cool little card that you can keep as a souvenir.

Visiting Shoko on your last night in town is an excellent idea to leave the city on a major high note. Shoko will leave you with a lasting memory of just how grand the city of Barcelona is and how much it has to offer.

Cities don’t come more packed with activities, life, flavor, and views than this one, and Shoko Barcelona helps to put an exclamation point on this fact. In a city that is full of excellent Barcelona nightlife spots and great restaurants, Shoko stands out. You will not regret your trip.

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