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San Sebastian beach in Barcelona (in Catalan platja de Sant Sebastià, in Spanish playa de San Sebastián), offers a large and excellent Barcelona beach area near downtown. It is no shocker that when you review Barcelona Spain beaches guidebooks that they usually include Sant Sebastià beach and Barceloneta Beach at the top, or near the top, of their lists. Sant Sebastià is loaded with things to do. A surprising level of fun and options are stuffed into this beach area, which measures in at about 1100 meters long.

San Sebastian Beach - Partial view showing half length of the beach

Partial view showing half length of the beach

San Sebastian Beach Offers a Beautiful Experience in Barcelona

Locals and tourists alike have made Sant Sebastià beach a very popular one. One of the many reasons for this fact is that the beach isn’t just long, but is also somewhat broad at about 75 meters. Combine this point with the proximity to the city center and the high quality of the sand, and it is easy to see why Sant Sebastià is consistently marked as one of the best Barcelona beaches.

Keep in mind that Barcelona, due to its excellent location, has several beaches. Making it to the top of the best Barcelona beaches list indeed is an honor!

Numerous amenities can be found in the area. In fact, it is even possible to rent beach umbrellas, chairs, and even hammocks! That’s right, if you are looking to relax, then maybe a hammock rental might just be a perfect idea. There are hotels and restaurants in the area, which adds to its appeal.

It is easy to lose a lot of time while visiting Sant Sebastià beach due to all of this variety. If you are looking to book a hotel, find best rates for Barcelona beach accommodation year round.

Sant Sebastià beach is also extremely popular thanks to its nearby sports facility and proximity to the Barcelona's Olympic Port. You can expect to see activities ranging from surfing and jet skiing to sailing.

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San Sebastian Beach - The monument of Rebecca Horn called "The Wounded Morning Star" (El Lucero Herido) in the adjacent beach of Sant Miquel

The monument of Rebecca Horn called "The Wounded Morning Star" (El Lucero Herido) in the adjacent beach of Sant Miquel

Sant Miquel Beach

Sant Miquel Beach in Barcelona is a good pick for those looking for a quick trip to the water. One key reason for this fact is that this sandy destination is located near the downtown area. In fact, it is conveniently located right in between Sant Sebastià and the Barceloneta beaches.

As a result, Sant Miquel is quite popular with tourists who find that it is easy to take a break from downtown area sightseeing by visiting the beach and all it has to offer. Sant Miquel Beach in Barcelona is only about half the size of Sant Sebastià, but its excellent positioning makes it very popular.

One of the highlights of Sant Miguel is Rebecca Horn's groundbreaking monument called “The Wounded Morning Star” (”El Lucero Herido” in Spanish or “L'Estel Ferit” in Catalan).

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Traveling Around Sant Sebastià Beach or Sant Miquel Beach in Barcelona

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San Sebastian Beach - Have fun at PortAventura Costa Caribe aquatic park (attractions for all ages)

Have fun at PortAventura Costa Caribe aquatic park (attractions for all ages)

More Aquatic Fun

If you are seeking even more fun in the water, consider going to one of the water parks slighly outside of the city. Options include Port Aventura, which is just one hour away.

Another great option is Illa Fantasia Waterpark, which is just 18 Km from Barcelona. We can get you budget packages on your visit to either of these parks.

San Sebastian Beach - Relaxing and enjoying a drink in a beach bar

Relaxing and enjoying a drink in a beach bar

What's on the Best Barcelona Beaches List?

Sant Sebastià beach, Barceloneta beach and Sant Miquel beach in Barcelona, all consistently make the best Barcelona beaches list. Once you’ve seen these great beaches for yourself, you’ll understand why.