Witnessing Salvador Dali Surrealism

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Be closer to the best works of Salvador Dali surrealism when you visit Barcelona. Dali’s body of work was no doubt diverse. But to this day, he is perhaps most famous for his work in the surrealist movement. Salvador Dali art that incorporates surrealism is known throughout the world.

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Experience Surrealism at the Dali Museum

If you are interested in seeing Dali surrealism for yourself, we offer some exciting tours. You can get free entry to the Dali Museum on tours to Figueres. These fascinating journeys usually also include visits to other exciting places such as Girona city and Cadaques in Costa Brava.

You can also skip the line at the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres with our tour to the Dali Museum in Figueres including Girona city.

Salvador Dali Surrealism - Galatea of the Spheres, 1952

Galatea of the Spheres, 1952

Dali Surrealism Focused on Dreams

To this day, surrealistic Salvador Dali paintings, prints, sculptures, furniture and films still resonate with art lovers, art critics and the general public alike.

Is Dali the most remembered and most well known of all the surrealistic artists? More than likely the answer is a clear, “Yes.” Dali surrealism focused on the dream world and the inner workings of man and his subconscious mind. As a result, many of Dali’s surrealistic paintings involved the world of dreams.

Paintings, such as The Persistence of Memory, feature melting watches in a bizarre and hypnotic landscape. Surrealistic works were unsettling to many in his day as people were left wondering what the paintings, deep in symbolism, meant and what they should feel.

Salvador Dali Surrealism - Surrealist Composition with Invisible Figures, 1936

Surrealist Composition with Invisible Figures, 1936

Brief Salvador Dali Biography

It is impossible to look at any of Dali’s art, and especially Dali surrealism, and not want to know more about this creative genius. His early life was marked by tragedy, as his mother died of cancer when he was just 16. In the next stage of the Salvador Dali Biography, he attended the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.

The works of Salvador Dali quickly stood out among students. By 1929, he held a one-man show in Paris and, by 1931, he had painted The Persistence of Memory. These are, of course, just facts and don’t tell the story of Dali’s wild success as a showman and self-promoter.

Dali was brilliant at making people want to know more about him and his art. Cultivating a personality that was unusual and offbeat, Dali would often speak in a mixture of different languages and adopted a style of dress that was sure to make others notice him. In short, Dali knew how to promote himself.

Plus, the art he was promoting was brilliant in its own right. As a result, works of Salvador Dali was ensured global notoriety.

Salvador Dali Surrealism - Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero, 1947

Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero, 1947

Seeing Salvador Dali Surrealism While in Spain

Barcelona is the perfect place to learn more about Dali surrealism and the artist. The works of Salvador Dali are alive in well in Spain, thanks to the Salvador Dali museum. The Dali Theatre-Museum is in Dali’s hometown of Figueres in Catalonia.

The museum's site was formerly home to a theater, but it was damaged during the Spanish Civil War. This area was primarily in a state of ruin until Dali stepped in and helped get the project off the ground. The Dali Theatre and Museum opened in 1974 and, to this day, it is something quite special. Housing the world’s most extensive collection of Salvador Dali art, the museum is a real treat.

A visit to the museum means you’ll see not just Salvador Dali paintings, but a good deal of his other art as well including sculptures, jewelry, collages and even furniture that Dali designed. In short, there exists no other museum in the world quite like this one.

In a twist that surprises many, Dali is actually buried in a crypt in the center of the Dali Theatre and Museum, or the Teatre-Museu Dali, as it is known in Catalan.

Salvador Dali Surrealism - The Dali Museum in Figueres itself is the biggest surrealist work in the world

The Dali Museum in Figueres itself is the biggest surrealist work in the world

Salvador Dali Museum

Dali accomplished much and left the art world different than when he found it. The works of Salvador Dali live on in pop culture and our imaginations. No art lover's trip to Barcelona or Spain will indeed be complete without a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum.

At the museum, there is more than just an exploration of Dali surrealism. You will also witness the diversity of his art, the different mediums he worked in and who he was as a person. It is all presented in an elegant package at the Dali museum. A visit to the Dali Theater and Museum will be one of the highlights of any trip to Barcelona.

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