Where Can You View Salvador Dali Sculptures?

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Having the opportunity to see Salvador Dali sculptures in person is quite an exciting experience as it will bring the onlooker delight, intellectual stimulation and even laughter. Dali was one of the standout artists of the surrealist movement, and many sculpture works of Salvador Dali are highly surreal. When you visit the Salvador Dali art gallery in Figueres, you will see many of these amazing sculptures. Here is the largest collection of Dali's art in the world.

Salvador Dali Sculptures - Mae West Lips Sofa

Mae West Lips Sofa

Examples of Sculpted Salvador Dali Surrealism

Two of the sculptures that were remarkably popular during the surrealist movement. Lobster Telephone and Mae West Lips Sofa were created by Dali. They were commissioned by Edward James, who was a patron of surrealist art in the 1930's. Believe it or not, the lobster telephone actually did work. James went ahead and started using them in one of his homes.

While the Lobster Telephone is not on display at the museum in Figueres, many Salvador Dali sculptures are, including Mae West Lips Sofa. As the story goes, Dali was quite taken by the actress Mae West and inspired to create this piece. The sofa was built in the shape of her lips. As the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres has over 1,500 pieces, you can expect to see a wide variety of sculptures.

Salvador Dali Sculptures - The Rainy Taxi, Queen Esther, the tyres' column and Gala's boat

The Rainy Taxi, Queen Esther, the tyres' column and Gala's boat

Dali's Famous Sculptures

Some of Dali's other famous sculptures include Persistence of Memory, which is based on his painting of the same name. This sculpture is on currently on public display in London. The impressive Alice in Wonderland sculpture is on display in Singapore.

Among the many Salvador Dali sculptures that you will see in Figueres include the installation of the Rainy Taxi with Queen Esther (by Ernst Fuchs) which is the figure of a woman on a car with a mysterious interior. She is pulling the Gala's boat located on top of a tires' column. This sculpture is outside at the entryway.

Salvador Dali Sculptures - The Dolmen of Dali or "Newton de Gala" sculpture in Plaza de Dali, Madrid

The Dolmen of Dali or "Newton de Gala" sculpture in Plaza de Dali, Madrid

Outdoor Installations

Sculptures of Dali are currently located in the best museums and collections throughout the world. Many of the largest sculptures are currently in city squares or parks. In Madrid, for example, you can visit the Plaza Dali, which contains sculptures of Dali, including Newton de Gala.

If you visit Madrid, you really shouldn't miss this fantastic area that was designed by Dali, himself. They allowed Dali to choose what kind of monument he wanted to construct, and he chose this homage to Newton. This central public space for the city was created in 1985.

Salvador Dali Sculptures - Gala at the Window, Marbella

Gala at the Window, Marbella

Dali's Sculptures in Marbella

There are several sculptures by Salvador Dali in Marbella city. In Marbella by the beach, you can find a walkway containing a great collection of 10 Dali bronze sculptures including Nude Ascending a Staircase, Perseus, Gala at the Window and others. Each one of these sculptures is signed by Dali.

Salvador Dali Sculptures - Rhinoceros Dressed in Lace, 3.6 tons, Puerto Banus (near Marbella)

Rhinoceros Dressed in Lace, 3.6 tons, Puerto Banus (near Marbella)

More Dali Sculptures

Although Dali didn't have any direct connection with Marbella, this town has a fantastic homage to the artist at their Alameda. In this area of Marbella, you can also see beautiful views, fountains, and cafes.

At the Gala Dali Castle House-Museum in Pubol, you can find Dali's Elephant. If you travel throughout Spain, you will be amazed at the different sculptures you can see in various regions of the country.

Salvador Dali Sculptures - Sculptures in the form of extraordinary jewels

Sculptures in the form of extraordinary jewels

Going Beyond Traditional Sculptures

Sometimes Dali didn't refer to his works as sculptures, but instead as "surrealist objects." Dali's furniture can also be considered sculptures due to the high level of creativity that went into them.

For example, Mae West Lips Sofa is both a piece of furniture and sculpture. Other famous pieces of furniture include Leda Chair and Vis-a-vis Gala armchair.

Also at the Salvador Dali museum, you can see his collection of 39 jewels, which could also be considered sculptures due to their high degree of artistry, as the Dali space elephant sculpture shown above, and others. Some, like The Royal Heart, actually move. This one contains 46 rubies, 4 emeralds, and 42 diamonds as well as gold to simulate an actual beating heart.

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Salvador Dali Sculptures - Monument to Francesc Pujols at the Dali Museum in Figueres

Monument to Francesc Pujols at the Dali Museum in Figueres

Visiting the Salvador Dali Museum

The complete collection managed by the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation includes an estimated 1,500 works of Salvador Dali including everything from sculptures to holograms, installations, engravings, and photos.

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