The Diversity of Salvador Dali Prints

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There are many and diverse Salvador Dali prints that Dali created in his career. The artist began studying impressions while he was still quite young, so it should come as no surprise that he created an astonishing 1,700 prints in his lifetime. He understood prints in a way that few others did. This factor shows both in the quality of his work and the volume of that work. Among the works of Salvador Dali, many experts consider his prints to be some of the best examples of printmaking in recent generations.

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Salvador Dali Prints - Dali's changes in "Las Meninas" (Velazquez), 1974

Dali's changes in "Las Meninas" (Velazquez), 1974

Dali Prints and Changes in Great Masterpieces

Another of the key works of Salvador Dali comes in 1975’s Changes in Great Masterpieces.

In Changes in Great Masterpieces, which many feel is a genuinely outstanding Dali lithographic, Dali sets out to put a new spin on the works of five of history’s greatest masters: Raphael, Rembrandt, Velazquez, and Vermeer. The results are quite impressive.

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Salvador Dali Prints - "The Force of Imagination", illustration, one of the illustrations of The Essays of Michel De Montaigne, 1947

"The Force of Imagination," one of the illustrations of The Essays of Michel De Montaigne, 1947

The Diverse Works of Salvador Dali

Much of what makes Dali prints so compelling is their diversity. Even though Dali produced hundreds of prints, the quality is overall remarkable. There is much discussion of Dali and his genius, but this fact often gets lost along the way.

Being able to see Dali prints along with his paintings and sculptures helps to underscore the real depth of talent that the man possessed. Moreover, the diversity of the mediums in which he worked points to his tremendous drive and desire to grow, which are essential for any great artist who wishes to be remembered.

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Salvador Dali Prints - Illustration of Alice in Wonderland, 1969

Illustration of Alice in Wonderland, 1969

The Uniqueness of Salvador Dali Prints

Salvador Dali was unique among artists for many reasons. One of the key ways in which he differs was that he was able to work in so many different mediums successfully.

While Salvador Dali paintings often receive the bulk of attention from art lovers, there is no doubt that his work in other mediums was impressive, to say the least.

Salvador Dali Prints - Sagittarius, one of the illustration of The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, 1967

Sagittarius, one of the illustrations of The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, 1967

The Dali Prints and the Gala-Dali Foundation

Thanks to the work of the Gala-Dali Foundation, we have a vast and comprehensive collection of Dali works. The size of this compilation underscores just how impressive and prolific Dali life's work was and the extent of its impact.

The Gala-Dali Foundation oversees a collection that has over 4,000 separate pieces ranging from Salvador Dali surrealism to his classical period. This fact is made all the more impressive and staggering when one stops to consider that the collection is more than Salvador Dali paintings or Dali prints. Found in the Gala-Dali Foundation collection are sculptures, holograms, engravings and even jewelry.

In short, Dali was amazingly diverse in the mediums in which he worked and how he approached the creation of art. Any artist who creates in such mediums as painting and holography is driven and motivated to both, create and leave a lasting impact upon not just the art world, but also the world at large. In this regard, Dali was a resounding success.

Salvador Dali Prints - The Knight of Death (illustration of Les Chants de Maldoror book), 1934

The Knight of Death (illustration of Les Chants de Maldoror book), 1934

Dali Prints and Les Chants de Maldoror

Dali felt free to express himself in his print work. Whether it was working in etchings, photo-litho, or a range of other methods, Dali played with many different themes. Quite often, he took inspiration from literature, for example, Hamlet, and at other times he turned to nature.

Those looking to understand more about Dali prints or Salvador Dali surrealism will want to explore Les Chants de Maldoror. The Les Chants de Maldoror is considered to be one of the Dali's crowning achievements in the world of prints.

Dali illustrated the Les Chants de Maldoror in spectacular style. Written between 1868 and 1869 by Isidore Lucien Ducasse, the work is viewed as being an inspiration for surrealists such as Dali, Marcel Duchamp, and others. The nature of the work incorporates a non-linear narrative style which appealed to the surrealist movement.