An Overview of Salvador Dali Perfume

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Salvador Dali perfume is just one of the examples of Dali's vision. Dali surrealism is not only in the fragrances but also in the perfume bottles he created. People are consistently shocked when they learn the full extent of Dali’s vision and art. He was not just an accomplished artist, but also a real visionary who worked in scores of different mediums. Among his accomplishments was the production of perfume.

Salvador Dali Perfume - Agua Verde for men, 2005

Agua Verde for men, 2005

Dali Perfume - More Recent Releases

More recently, other Dali perfume options have emerged as well. Dalistyle (2002) focuses on white floral notes that blend vanilla and citrus into the scent. Three years later in 2005, Agua Verde was introduced followed by Black Sun in 2007.

Black Sun is for men, and it sports one of the unique blends of any of the Dali perfume options. Black Sun incorporates cedar, basil, vanilla, black incense and more into a very exceptional perfume.

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Salvador Dali Perfume - Black Sun (2007) and Black Sun Sport (2009), for men

Black Sun (2007) and Black Sun Sport (2009), for men

A Genius Who Successfully Expressed His Artistic Vision in Many Diverse Ways

All of these perfumes feature a Salvador Dali signature as one can see the hand of the artist in the work. Few artists in history have been able to work in as many mediums as Dali successfully. The Dali Museum stands as a fitting tribute to Salvador Dali. If you are a fan of this artist, you don't want to miss this attraction when you visit Barcelona.

At the Salvador Dali Museum, it is possible to see Salvador Dali surrealism and Salvador Dali jewelry up close in person. A trip to this museum will help bring you closer to the man who expressed his artistic vision in so many different ways including perfume.

We offer affordable prices on one day trips that include admission to the Dali Museum in Figueres. You can select from a tour that also visits Girona or one that goes to Cadaques where Dali's beach house is located. Both tours are extraordinary experiences!

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Salvador Dali Perfume - Dalissime for women, 1994

Dalissime for women, 1994

Salvador Dali and His Vision

Part of why Dali continues to garner attention from art lovers and art experts alike is that he really was different. While the world at large may know him for his paintings, such as his most famous work, The Persistence of Memory, Dali's artistic vision reached in different directions.

In fact, in many ways, Dali helped extend the long-held notion of the artist as visionary into the 20th and 21st centuries. Dali’s approach to art and his persona and manner of presentation all combined to make Dali one of modern art’s most unforgettable figures.

Salvador Dali Perfume - Le Roy Soleil (1998) and Le Roy Soleil Extreme, for men

Le Roy Soleil (1998) and Le Roy Soleil Extreme, for men

Salvador Dali's Early Life

Dali was born in Figueres, and his early life was marked by tragedy, as his mother died when he was just 16. This did not stop Dali from pursuing what he loved the most, art.

Dali's early professional life moved very quickly. In 1922, he was studying at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.

Just seven years later, in 1929, Dali had several exhibitions of his art. He joined the Surrealist group while living in Paris. Salvador Dali surrealism is still a draw as many of his works still resonate to this day.

Salvador Dali Perfume - Dalimania for women, 1999

Dalimania for women, 1999

Salvador Dali Perfume

Salvador Dali worked not just in sculpture and paint, but also in jewelry and perfume. In fact, there is even a Salvador Dali jewelry section at the Dali museum located in his hometown of Figueres. Working in everything from holography to prints, Dali continually pushed himself and his artistic boundaries. This philosophy led Dali to create his perfume.

Like all things that Dali touched, he did not stop at creating just one perfume, but he continued with many offerings. Salvador Dali created impressive bottle designs, with each model being inspired by a painting or sketch. The painting Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite of Knidos in a Landscape, for example, served as inspiration for a perfume bottle.

Salvador Dali Perfume - Dalistyle for women, 2002

Dalistyle for women, 2002

Dali Perfume - 1990's Options

Dali felt a close affinity for perfumes and once even stated, "Among the five senses, olfaction is indisputably the one that best delivers the sensation of immortality." With this in mind, it is a little shock that Dali was drawn to creating not just one perfume.

His products include three that were launched in the 1990s: Dalissime (1994), Le Roy Soleil (1998) and Dalimania (1999). Each of these perfumes looked to nature for inspiration and included different fruit scents.

Dalimania included peach and orange scents, Dalissime utilizes apricot scents, and Le Roy Soleil Extreme is very complex featuring everything from Italian lemon and green apple to other fruit scents.