Sala Be Cool Barcelona - How to Get Free Entry?

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Sala Be Cool Barcelona is an underground club off the beaten path. Anyone who explores what nightclubs in Barcelona have to offer, quickly realizes that there is an amazing number of not just clubs, but very good ones. Even better, the diversity of those clubs is quite impressive as well.

Seasoned travelers will quickly realize that Barcelona nightlife surpasses other cities, because there are so many amazing options. Clearly, the people in Barcelona truly support its nightclubs. People love to party!

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Main entrance of sala Be Cool Barcelona

Main entrance of sala Be Cool

Barcelona Supports Its Nightclubs and It Shows

It is no coincidence that the city is packed with amazing restaurants, cafes, bars and, yes, nightclubs. If there is fun to be had, then Barcelona will find it! Since, nightclubs in Barcelona are well visited and supported by locals and travelers alike, there are consistent investments in those clubs.

Club owners know that they will see a return on their investment and, as a result, Barcelona nightlife hotspots tend to be a bit more impressive than what many travelers have grown to expect.

Factors, such as a high quality sound system, that helps both recorded and live music sound better are more commonplace. You'll even find nightclubs in Barcelona that serve great meals!

Sala Be Cool Barcelona - Located at few minutes from downtown, is always full of partiers

Located at few minutes from downtown, is always full of partiers

Exploring Sala Be Cool Barcelona

Sala Be Cool Barcelona is one gem that helps to underscore just how well supported the party scene is in the city. Sala Be Cool is a little off the beaten path and, in many other cities, this would be a major factor in decreasing attendance, but not in Barcelona.

Even though there are easier clubs to visit than Sala Be Cool Barcelona, the club manages to keep a steady flow of partiers coming all night long. Just remember it's not on the same stretch where you will find most of the other clubs. But that's part of what makes it so "cool"!

It's located on Plaça de Joan Llongueras, which is just a few blocks from Avinguda Diagonal. If you are coming from Las Ramblas, it will be about a 15 minute car ride or 25 minutes via public transportation. It would be about the same travel time if you were coming from Montjuic or Barceloneta beach.

Sala Be Cool Barcelona - Quality of sound and variety of music

Quality of sound and variety of music

The Sounds of Barcelona Come Alive

The music at Sala Be Cool Barcelona always sounds good. In part, this is due to the fact that the club has invested in a quality sound system, just like many other Barcelona nightlife spots.

The music choices at Sala Be Cool run a wide spectrum, and there are occasional musical surprises thrown in, which no one seems to mind too much.

The general feel seems to be that variety is a good thing even if you don’t particularly like a given song choice. The staple club music choice selections, such as electronic and techno, are the likely choices on most nights.

Sala Be Cool Barcelona - A friendly environment

A friendly environment

More Relaxed Than Most Nightclubs in Barcelona

Overall, Sala Be Cool Barcelona cultivates a relaxed vibe. If you are finding some of Barcelona’s other nightlife options to be a bit overwhelming or too fashion obsessed for your liking, you might want to give Sala Be Cool a try. Those wanting a more laid back club environment will find that Sala Be Cool has much to offer.

People are generally friendly at clubs in the city, and this holds true for Sala Be Cool Barcelona. In fact, it is a safe statement that Sala Be Cool possesses one of the friendlier club environments. This fact helps make it one of the top picks for those tired travelers who still want to take in a little Barcelona nightlife action.

The trip to Sala Be Cool may take you a little farther out of your way than other clubs, but you’ll likely be glad you gave this one a try.