Razzmatazz Barcelona is the Place to Be!

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Razzmatazz Barcelona is one of the largest and most renowned clubs in Barcelona. Many partiers love Razzmatazz because it is so popular and the club often brings in top international acts that people are thrilled to have the chance to check out. If you’re looking for an exciting place to enjoy your Barcelona nightlife, check out Razzmatazz. This is a huge club that is divided into five different spaces. Each area has its own unique and very cool vibe.

External view of the huge Razzmatazz Barcelona

External view of the huge Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz is a Large Venue

This space is so large that is is sometimes even used for big private events like films, fashion shows and private parties. Most clubbers consider Razzmatazz Barcelona to be a “must see” venue! It’s almost like getting to enjoy 5 different clubs all in one.

This club first opened in 2000. At the time, it was very differnet from anything else in Spain because of the fact that they booked 5 rooms. Several huge worldwide stars played at Razzmatazz Barcelona in the early days before they went on to be very famous. Razzmatazz continues to always book new bands and DJs.

Razzmatazz Barcelona is located near Metro stations Bogatell (L4) and Marina (L1)

Razzmatazz is located near Metro stations Bogatell (L4) and Marina (L1)

Where Is Razzmatazz Located?

Razzmatazz Barcelona is located just about 15 minutes from Plaza Catalunya. It’s also about 10 minutes from Port Olympic. You can find it in a bit of an industrial area in El Poublenou. While many people consider it a little out of the way, it really isn’t too far from some of the most central locations.

The club is open every night of the week during the summer. Otherwise, Razzmatazz is open Wednesday through Saturday. Of course, check the calendar as there are lots of special concerts and parties throughout the year.

A crowded UniRazz party at Razzmatazz Barcelona

A crowded UniRazz party at Razzmatazz

What are the 5 Spaces Like?

When you go to Razzmatazz, you get to enjoy a lot of variety. If you are into indie rock, simply go downstairs to the Razz Club. This Barcelona nightclub plays techno in the Lolita Room and the Loft. If you are into chilling out with pop and electronic music, the Pop Bar or Rex Room may be more your speed.

One benefit to these different atmospheres is that you can easily go from one room to the next and dance to different songs. But the music changes constantly, and will vary depending on the night of the week. No matter what kind of music you are into, you will probably find it at Razzmatazz Barcelona. One word of caution however, it’s easy to get lost inside of Razzmatazz!

You should expect to find a very hip young crowd at Razzmatazz. While, of course, tourists love this venue, there are a lot of locals there too. Really, anyone who loves a great club will appreciate Razzmatazz Barcelona.

Enjoying a party at Razzmatazz Barcelona Sala 1

Enjoying a party at Razzmatazz Sala 1

This is One Huge Club

Razzmatazz Barcelona is a place where you will often find very popular acts. Everyone from Kanye West and Orbital to Coldplay and Belle and Sebastian has played at this Barcelona nightclub. You can check out the calendar on their website to find all the different acts that are lined up for the near future.

Of course you can take public transportation to Razzmatazz Barcelona. But be prepared that there will be a 5 minute walk from the metro. Just take the Red Line to Marina. From Plaza Catalunya, it is just about a 10 minute ride.

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Checking Out a Variety of Barcelona Nightlife

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As it turns out, Razzmatazz Barcelona doesn’t really get going into about 3am on the weekends. If you get the Barcelona Night Card, you will have the ability to start the party off somewhere else and then head on over to Razzmatazz. People who get this card end up getting to see a lot more and they save a great deal of money in the process.