The Beach and Nightlife at Port Olimpic

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The Port Olimpic was built for the Barcelona Olympics of 1992. At one point, this area was indeed no more than an abandoned collection of factories and old buildings.

Port Olimpic - Catwalk nightclub (image courtesy by Catwalk)

Catwalk nightclub (image courtesy of Catwalk)

Barcelona Nightlife at the Olympic Port

Tourists and locals alike head to this port for nightlife. There are many bars and nightclubs, which are conveniently lined up in a row. These establishments stay open very late. Some even stay open until 6 am! Of course, after partying, many enjoy a late night/early morning swim in the waters.

Currently, some of the most exciting clubs for Barcelona nightlife include Opium Mar, which is a dressy club right on the beach. Things start heating up around 2 am. Near Opium is Catwalk, which is located right under the Arts Hotel. This famous club has two floors, the first plays techno and the top floor plays Hip Hop and R&B.

Another exciting destination is IceBarcelona, which is more of a bar than a club. It's entirely made of ice, and there is a temperature of -5° C. IceBarcelona is family friendly, as up until 11 pm minors are welcome to visit and drink non-alcoholic beverages.

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Port Olimpic - The area is full of good restaurants

The area is full of good restaurants

Delicious Barcelona Restaurants

There are many great restaurants at the Olympic Port serving all kinds of food. You will find everything from fancy seafood restaurants to international chain restaurants.

We should warn you that some of the Barcelona restaurants at the Olympic marina can be quite expensive, but if you head down the beach, you will eventually find places that are cheaper.

Also, we offer a free restaurant reservation system, which will let you find fantastic discounts on many different restaurants, including ones in this part of the city. This can be an excellent way to dine in pricier restaurants without having to spend as much.

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Port Olimpic - "The Fish" or "The Golden Fish", a huge sculpture by Frank Gehry

"The Fish" or "The Golden Fish," a huge sculpture by Frank Gehry

What Will You See at Port Olimpic?

Two of the skyscrapers that you will see prominently standing at the Olympic harbor: the Arts Hotel and Torre Mapfre. During the games, the athletes used these buildings for accommodations. However, Torre Mapfre has been converted to an office building, and Arts Hotel is a 5-star hotel and a trendy place to stay.

Many famous people who come to the city stay at this hotel likely due to its proximity to the Barceloneta beach. You'll enjoy beautiful ocean views right from your room.

The Olympic Port is full of impressive sculptures, and one that you can't miss is the "El Peix d'Or," which is translated to mean "The Golden Fish." The famous architect Frank Gehry designed this intriguing landmark, and it is a favorite among visitors.

Port Olimpic - Neighbour Barceloneta Beach to the south of the Olympic harbour

Neighbour Barceloneta Beach to the south of the Olympic harbor

Enjoying the Barceloneta Beach Near the Olympic Port

You can find the Barceloneta beach on the Mediterranean Sea, which is located east of the Port of Barcelona (and south of the Olympic harbor). Tourists love this beach as it is full of interesting people watching and lively activities.

While this isn't the beach that locals always go to, if you're a newcomer to Barcelona, you should definitely check it out for a dip.

You can enjoy the sun and watch the joggers, cyclers, and even topless bathers! There are even some surfers who tend to congregate at the northeast part of Barceloneta beach.

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Looking for a Sailing Cruise in Barcelona?

Of course, even with all these activities, you will want to make sure you enjoy the water. It's easy to take a sailing cruise in Barcelona right from this new marina. Port Olimpic is fully equipped with everything you will need to get out on the ocean, including the ports and service providers. Currently, there are 740 berths.

You can also find a boat for hire, and even get a skipper if you wish. There are organizations dedicated to helping tourists with their sailing cruise in Barcelona as well as sailing schools right at the port. There is even a Port Olímpic Club de Mar or "Sea Club" that helps people learn how to sail.

We also offers a variety of sailing trips that will take you to wonderful locations throughout the city. Some of these trips are occasionaly available at a discounted rate.

As you can see, there are lots to do at the Olympic harbor. At this point, it has actually become an integral part of the city. While the restaurants and clubs can get pricey, you can find discounts on our site and also with passes like the Barcelona card.

Port Olimpic - Partial view of this charming port

Partial view of this charming Olympic marina in Barcelona

Plenty of Activities at Port Olympic

The Olympic marina, now that it has been revitalized, it is a fun-filled area that is full of Barcelona restaurants, bars, nightlife, and beaches. In the 1992 games, the sailing competitions all took place right outside the harbor. But even though the Olympics are long gone, there is still plenty to do at this exciting destination.

If you are looking to have some fun, definitely check out this hotspot.