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Park Guell is an extraordinary work of Antoni Gaudi. A real gem of a park that ranks as one of the very best places to visit in Barcelona.

Park Guell - The mosaic dragon (salamander) is an icon of the park

The mosaic dragon (salamander) is an icon of the park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Park Guell, or as it is known in Catalan, “Parc Güell” serves as a legacy to the vision of its architect. Designed by the world famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, it stands out as one of the world’s greatest parks.

Gaudi worked on the project for the park for 14 years, from 1900 to 1914. It was originally created for Eusebi Guell who wanted the park to be something of a private oasis.

Count Eusebi Guell had a bold plan. His original idea was for the park to have sixty single family homes. Yet, the project did not meet with success. As a result, in 1923, the park became city property.

Today, Gaudi’s work is recognized globally, and the Gaudi park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Park Guell - Architectural details of a house at the main entrance

Architectural details of a house at the main entrance

A True Best of Barcelona Pick

Setting aside time to visit the Gaudi Park is a must, as the attraction truly ranks as a “Best of Barcelona” pick. There is lots of variety in Barcelona, yet even so, this attraction manages to stand out. In part, this is due to the unique “feel” of the place that is hard to put into precise words.

The vision of Antoni Gaudi resonates in Parc Güell, and this explains much of its charm and appeal. This exceptionally and visually captivating place just feels special.

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Park Guell - The multi-colored mosaic wavy bench at the roof of the Hypostyle Hall

The Gaudi park bench. A multi colored mosaic wavy seat on the roof of the Hypostyle Hall

There is Ample Use of Symbolism Throughout Park Gaudi in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi incorporated a variety of themes into his concept and the architecture of the park. For example, everything from items about Catalan nationalism to religion can be found in structures throughout the park.

The end result is a place deep in meaning and symbolism. In short, Antoni Gaudi’s signature is all over Parc Güell. You can instantly get an impression of the man’s vision for what he wanted the park to bring to visitors.

Throughout the park, there are little visions scattered about that bring whimsy and joy into the surroundings. For example, the principal focal point of the park is the main terrace, which is elegantly surrounded by a long bench sculpted in the shape of a sea serpent.

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Park Guell - The buildings at the main entrance. Casa del Guarda (left) is an interpretation center of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA)

The buildings at the main entrance. Casa del Guarda (left) is an interpretation center of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA)

The Most Innovative Barcelona Architecture

Barcelona architecture doesn’t get much more interesting than this attraction and what it has to offer. Buildings are used in such a way as to frame much of what people see. For example, there are buildings situated at the entrance and these buildings are a de facto gateway into the park itself.

Complete with weirdly shaped pinnacles and roofs, these innovative structures instantly let visitors know that the Gaudi park is something unique, different and very much worthwhile.

Another highlight of your visit will be the "Casa del Guarda," which was previously the janitor's house. It has been converted into a section of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA). You will find that this museum will actually serve as an interpretation center during your visit.

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Park Guell - The Gaudi House Museum

The Gaudi House Museum

Visiting the Gaudi House Museum

The Gaudi House Museum can also be found at the park, in the free area. This attraction gives visitors great insight into the work of Gaudi himself. The architect lived in the Gaudi House Museum for two decades.

Today, it is used to showcase works he created. While there is a fee to enter this museum, you will be happy to know that you can receive a discount when you opt for the Barcelona Card.

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Park Guell - Pathway in the form of a wave

Pathway in the form of a wave

Great Views and Captivating Barcelona Architecture

The Park Guell of Gaudi is rich in great views that serve to accentuate this gem of Barcelona architecture. Visitors looking for places to visit in Barcelona will love what a trip to this location can offer. It's an especially good pick for families. Kids love running around and discovering the various buildings and art.

It is quite easy to lose oneself in the rich detail and imagination infused in each and every architectural wonder that Gaudi created at Parc Güell.

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Park Guell - Entrance to the parc, with the Hypostyle Hall (or Hundred Columns) upstairs

Entrance to the park, with the Hypostyle Hall (or Hundred Columns) upstairs

Experience Park Guell

Why is it that this Gaudi park is such a top pick for any “Best of Barcelona” list? The answer is that this famous attraction designed by Antoni Gaudi is loaded with innovative visual elements that range from mosaics to architecture.

This beautiful place also gives you a chance to escape the urban environment, enjoy some fresh air and see some wildlife. Additionally, this attraction stands as one of the largest architectural works in all of Europe. If you love architecture, you need to visit this Parc Güell.