Understanding the Pablo Picasso Lithograph

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There is ample Pablo Picasso lithograph work that also reveals this artist's talent and genius, in addition to his paintings, etchings, ceramics, watercolors, and drawings. What is lithography? Artist as early on as Goya used this technique, which allows a direct ink transfer to paper.

It is interesting to note that this practice was not used very often for hundreds of years until Pablo Picasso art works brought it into the spotlight. Today, you can see examples of the artist's lithography right along with the Pablo Picasso famous paintings at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona.

Pablo Picasso Lithograph - Fragment of a Woman Body, one of the 30 illustrations of the book Metamorphoses of Ovid

Fragment of a Woman Body, one of the 30 illustrations of the book Metamorphoses of Ovid

The Formation of the Museu Picasso

Picasso requested the museum be set up and asked his friend and personal assistant Jaume Sabartes for help. Among the first in the collection at the Picasso museum was works from Sabartes' collection as well as Pablo Picasso art works that were at the Barcelona Museum of Art before the early 1960's. Among these items initially displayed at the museum were posters and lithograph work as well as engravings from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Today the museum is world famous for its incredible variety of works created in the timeframe up to and including the Pablo Picasso Blue Period. Tourists from around the world flock to the museum to see Pablo Picasso famous paintings and learn more about this artist and what he created during his lifetime. Many are pleasantly surprised to know that they can also view numerous examples of Pablo Picasso lithograph work.

While the museum does focus on the artist's early years, the curators have still made it possible to see some works from his later career. For example, there are a few pieces of Pablo Picasso Cubism displayed. For more information about Pablo Picasso artwork, read the sections “Pablo Picasso Art” and also “Facts about Pablo Picasso.”

Pablo Picasso Lithograph - Don Quixote, 1955

Don Quixote, 1955

The Legacy of the Pablo Picasso Lithograph

Picasso formed a partnership with an expert printmaker named Fernand Mourlot. He realized that lithography was the perfect means to advertise his exhibitions in color. The artist was excited to learn this new skill and incorporated it into his repertoire of techniques.

In 2000, a comprehensive book was published on the Picasso lithograph. The 368 pages present all of his lithographs in full color. This book was the first collection of his work to list every printed sheet individually.

Pablo Picasso Lithograph - The Banderillas, 1949

The Banderillas, 1949

The Museu Picasso and Lithograph Work in the Collection

The museum is not only about Pablo Picasso paintings. Picasso also illustrated books during his career and many contained lithography. He worked closely with a variety of poets and writers. In fact, the Picasso Museum has one of the first 50 copies of Dans l'atelier de Picasso (1957), by Jaume Sabartés, which included 13 lithographs.

If you visit the museum's website and click on the catalog button, you can find thorough information about all the Pablo Picasso art works in the collection. Here is a quick overview of the lithography.

Pablo Picasso Lithograph - The Bull, 1945

The Bull, 1945

Earlier Examples of Lithography

  • The Bull's return 1945
  • Bullfight 1946
  • Francoise 1946
  • The Bull 1946
  • White Pigeon on Black Background 1947
  • Bull's head turned to the left 1948
  • Bullfight, the Picador 1949
  • The Banderillas 1949

If you are looking to buy Picasso art like original lithographs and prints, you will find in the internet several art broker companies, dealers, and resellers that are offering Picasso art collections for sale. Just do a bit of research and choose a company that you believe is the most appropriate for your investment.

Pablo Picasso Lithograph - El Picador, 1961

El Picador, 1961

Later Examples of the Picasso Lithograph

  • The Pike 1959
  • Torero y señorita 1960
  • Les Banderilles 1961
  • La Pica 1961
  • El Picador 1961
  • Il·lustració de "L'Auca del Senyor Esteve" de Santiago Rusiñol 1962

Bull is likely the most famous of Picasso's lithography. This series of Pablo Picasso art works focuses on developing a piece of art through successive stages. Plates start with a piece of art that has been created from an academic point of view and progresses to a very abstract representation of a bull. In the final piece, you can only see simple lines that make up the animal's shape.

As you can see in the list above, this famous Picasso lithograph is on display in the Picasso art gallery in Barcelona.

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Visiting the Picasso Museum

When you are in Barcelona, don't miss seeing the Museo Picasso, as it truly is one of the most exciting attractions in the city. Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy this museum. Whether you are seeking to see examples of lithography, Pablo Picasso Cubism, works from the Pablo Picasso Blue Period, or just gain a deeper understanding of the artist's career, you will be pleased with your visit.

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