Best Options for Visiting Pablo Picasso Gallery in Barcelona

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The Pablo Picasso Gallery in Barcelona is known as Picasso Museum (in Catalan Museu Picasso) and is one of the top attractions in Barcelona city. This impressive museum focuses on works from Picasso's earlier days up until and including the Pablo Picasso Blue Period. Let's take a look at a bit more of what to expect when you visit this large Picasso Museum.

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How to Avoid Long Queues at Picasso Museum?

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3. The Picasso Walking Tour

We also offer the following saving combo: Picasso walking tour including Picasso Museum, which will take you to the Picasso Museum as well as various locations in the neighborhood where Picasso spent his time.

Pablo Picasso Gallery - Woman with Bonnet, 1901

Woman with Bonnet, 1901

The Picasso Gallery and the Amazing Number of Works

The Pablo Picasso Gallery is located in the old city (Ciutat Vella), adjacent to the Gothic Quarter, which also provides an exciting place for tourists to explore. When you visit this top attraction in Barcelona, you will find that it has quite an innovative structure, as it is made up of 5 different palaces that adjoin. These beautiful mansions in Catalan Gothic style date back to the 13th and 15th century.

Currently, the Picasso Art Gallery in Barcelona is home to an impressive number of more than 4,200 works. You can see examples of Pablo Picasso Cubism, however, as mentioned, most artworks are from earlier days. According to experts, the premier place to see Pablo Picasso Cubism on display is the Picasso Museum in Paris.

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Pablo Picasso Gallery - The Roofs of Barcelona, 1903

The Roofs of Barcelona, 1903

Pablo Picasso Famous Paintings at the Picasso Museum

The museum has a whole room dedicated to the Picasso Blue Period. You can see numerous Pablo Picasso works including Roofs of Barcelona, Motherhood, The Madman and Woman with Bonnet. In addition to paintings, the permanent collection includes Pablo Picasso ceramics, lithographs, engravings, paintings, and sketches/drawings.

You will also have the chance to see some of the earliest works by Picasso. Some of the Pablo Picasso most famous paintings include The First Communion and Science and Charity, which are considered his first two notable works.

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Pablo Picasso Gallery - The Picasso Museum in Barcelona

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona

The History of the Pablo Picasso Gallery

The Museu Picasso was set up in Barcelona because this is a city that always held a special place in Picasso's heart. He spent many of his formative years in Barcelona. It's also where Picasso spent countless days with other artists and intellectuals at Els Quatre Gats.

He returned to Barcelona again and again in his life even years after he had moved to France. The city meant a lot to Picasso, and that fact became even more evident when he decided that Barcelona was the ideal place for the first official Pablo Picasso Museum.

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Pablo Picasso Gallery - Cafe and Restaurant Els Quatre Gats

Cafe and Restaurant Els Quatre Gats

The First Collection at Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum first opened in 1963. Picasso advised his friend and personal secretary Jaume Sabartes about how he wanted it to be set up. As a matter of fact, many of the Pablo Picasso famous paintings that were initially displayed were from Sabartes' collection.

In fact, when it first opened it was called the Sabartes Collection. Since Picasso was opposing Franco's regime, museums couldn't hold his name at the time. The artist also donated quite a few works to the museum including many from the Pablo Picasso blue period.

The Picasso Museum was not only the first attraction that solely focused on his work, but it was the only museum dedicated to Pablo Picasso art that was established while he was still living.

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Pablo Picasso Gallery - Helpless, Mother and Child, 1903

Helpless, Mother and Child, 1903

Don't Miss the Picasso Museum

Over the years, the Picasso Museum has continued to grow and improve as more interesting works have been added, as well as new extensions to the buildings that house his work. The Government of Catalonia has even stated that this is a museum of national interest.

The Picasso museum grants free access the first Sunday of each month from 9 am to 7 pm, and every Thursday afternoon from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. However, the access is limited to a certain number of visitors, and you should expect very long queues.

Also, the temporary exhibition is not included in the free visit. For the best experience, if you want a stress-free visit to the Picasso Museum, we recommend these Picasso Museum access options.