Understanding The Pablo Picasso Blue Period

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The Pablo Picasso Blue Period is the first time that the artist showcased a signature style during a set period of time. As the name indicates, the color blue dominates these works. You can learn more in the section about Pablo Picasso Paintings. If you want to know where did Pablo Picasso work and study, search the section dedicated to "Pablo Picasso Biography."

Pablo Picasso Blue Period - "Desemparats" (Helpless), mother and child, 1903

"Desemparats" (Helpless), mother and child, 1903

Picasso Blue Period Famous Paintings

The Blue Period lasted from 1901-1904, and many Pablo Picasso famous paintings were created during this time period including The Old Guitarist, Two Sisters, La Vie, Blue Nude, Self-Portrait and The Death of Casagemas. When you visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, you will find an entire room dedicated to the Blue Period.

Pablo Picasso Blue Period - Portrait of Soler, 1903

Portrait of Soler, 1903

An Overview of the Pablo Picasso Blue Period

During the Blue Period, Picasso mostly painted monochromatically in shades of blue and blue-green. These works tend to be quite somber. They were mostly inspired by the country of Spain. Some of them were painted in Paris, and others were painted in Barcelona. You will commonly see subjects like prostitutes and drunks throughout these works.

The Blue Period is the first of the five Pablo Picasso Periods that he is known for, and it is followed by the Rose Period, African influenced period, Analytic Cubism and Synthetic Cubism. At the Pablo Picasso Museum, you will see works from each period, but most everything is up to and including the Blue Period.

The first painting of the Blue Period was Casagemas in His Coffin. This painting was inspired by his friend Casagemas, who had recently committed suicide. Looking at the art that he created during this time, it should come as no surprise that Picasso himself was depressed during these years in the early 1900's.

Other Pablo Picasso famous paintings created during this period include Las Dos Hermanas and Portrait of Soler. Works created during the Blue Period are highly valued commodities and are on display throughout the world. Ironically during the Blue Period, Picasso was having financial problems because few people were interested in showing work that was considered to be depressing and grim.

Pablo Picasso Blue Period - Jaume Sabartes portrait (Le Bock), 1901

Jaume Sabartes portrait (Le Bock), 1901

Facts About Pablo Picasso

Picasso was born in Malaga, which is a city in the South of Spain. However, he moved to Paris in 1905 and spent most of his years in France. Barcelona always held a place in his heart as that is where he spent his formative years. Many Pablo Picasso famous paintings feature landmarks and sights from the city.

You can see many of them at the Pablo Picasso Gallery in Barcelona. Picasso supervised this museum being put together and advised his friend and personal secretary Jaume Sabartes about what he wanted.

When it comes to important facts about Pablo Picasso, one thing you should note is that he founded the Cubist movement, which has influenced countless artists ever since. He was also the most famous artist in the 20th century.

Pablo Picasso Blue Period - The Roofs of Barcelona, 1903

The Roofs of Barcelona, 1903

Works from the Picasso's Blue Period Displayed in Barcelona

While the Pablo Picasso gallery in Barcelona focuses mainly on his earlier years, these works will greatly enable you to understand his later development and techniques.

Mostly, these early years were before he moved to Paris in 1904. So many different experiments and styles. Once the Blue period started, a single style began to solidify.

Room 8 at the Museum is quite large and solely dedicated to the Blue Period. Pablo Picasso famous paintings displayed include Roofs of Barcelona, Motherhood, The Madman and Woman with Bonnet.

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Pablo Picasso Blue Period - Woman with bonnet, 1901

Woman with bonnet, 1901

Seeing Pablo Picasso Art in Barcelona at a Discount

The Pablo Picasso gallery in Barcelona is considered the world's best showcase of his work during the Blue Period. When you visit the museum, you will truly be able to understand the melancholy themes and subtle touch that went into the creation of these works.

The Pablo Picasso Blue Period also marks his transition into an abstract style. Simply put, you don't want to miss this museum when you visit Barcelona!

Also be sure to enjoy the beautiful Gothic Quarter surroundings, when you visit the museum. While the museum opened in 1963, the buildings of the museum itself are rich in history. In fact, they go back to the 13th century.

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