Checking Out Otto Zutz Barcelona - Know How to Get Free Entry!

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Otto Zutz Barcelona is a recommended club to have a different nightlife experience. Those who travel a great deal have probably already heard the good news about Barcelona nightlife. The bottom line is that Barcelona is a city that was made for parties, and people know it. In part, we can thank the excellent weather, but that is only a fraction of the story.

The reason that Barcelona stands as one of the world’s best spots for nightlife activities is the people who like their fun and their late nights. This combination helps to fuel a wide range of diverse and exciting clubs.

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Why Stop at Just One Club? Needless to say, there are a lot of different options for Barcelona clubbing. You could go from one club to another all night long and still not see a fraction of them. One way that you can get a chance to see more clubs is by getting the Barcelona Night Card.

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Otto Zutz Barcelona - The club also count with exclusive, reserved areas

The club also count with exclusive, reserved areas

The Open and Grand Feel of Otto Zutz Barcelona

Otto Zutz Barcelona is a great option and one that travelers should strongly consider checking out when visiting Barcelona. Let’s take a deeper look at all that Otto Zutz has to offer.

Do you want to do your Barcelona clubbing somewhere that feels open and free? Otto Zutz offers a layout that has a very industrial feel. There is a lot of open space.

There is very little in the way to obstruct your view, which, of course, helps make the venue a great choice for live music and a range of events. The club was built from the ground up from what was originally a textile factory.

There is domed brick ceiling that adds to the coolness factor of the structure, which also includes metal beams and lots of cement.

Otto Zutz Barcelona - An old textile factory adapted as a club

An old textile factory adapted as a club

Where is this Club Located?

Otto Zutz is in the northern part of Barcelona on Carrer de Lincoln. It should be pretty easy to find, as it’s only a short walk from Avinguda Diagonal. This main thoroughfare is home to many different hotels and also a lot of businesses.

Otto Zutz Barcelona - Main floor and VIP area

Main floor and VIP area

Several Levels To Explore

The club is large and also has several parts to it. With three floors in total, Otto Zutz Barcelona has a grand and complex air about it.

The third floor, however, is seen as being rather exclusive and is a private area reserved for private parties and special guests. In other words, you might not get to check out the third floor, but Otto Zutz is still worth a visit all the same if you want to see the best in Barcelona nightlife.

Otto Zutz Barcelona - Private events at Otto Zutzt

Private events at Otto Zutzt

Otto Zutz Barcelona Distinguishes Itself in Several Ways

Each level of Otto Zutz plays a different kind of music with also helps to distinguish the club and infuses the club with it’s own sense of personality. On the bottom floor you will usually hear hip-hop or perhaps house.

Overall, you can expect some musical diversity at Otto Zutz, but even if hip-hop and house are not your thing, you’ll love the atmosphere and mood.

One of the ways that Otto Zutz distinguishes itself from other Barcelona nightlife hotspots is that the venue is used for fashion events and more. The end result is that it has a hip quality that other clubs in Barcelona no doubt envy.

All of this adds up to Otto Zutz Barcelona drawing in a younger and highly energetic crowd that is willing to party way into the early hours. Those looking for a club with lots of energy, will want to see this place for themselves.

Otto Zutz Barcelona - Los Altos Club Prive, an exclusive area for selected groups

Los Altos Club Prive, an exclusive area for selected groups

A Rich Blend of Elements Make it a Must See Place for Those Who Love Barcelona Nightlife

Otto Zutz Barcelona stands as one of the most happening spots in the city. If you want to take a tour of the Barcelona clubbing options, then one of the best places to start is Otto Zutz. The old textile factory somehow seems, yes tailor made, for a nightclub.

The spartan surroundings of the old factory work exceedingly well for creating the right atmosphere for Otto Zutz’s younger and fashion forward crowd. Is this the first place you should visit once you’ve left the airport? You probably shouldn’t, because it is an intense and loud place to go.

But should you visit Otto Zutz Barcelona before your return flight home? Definitely.