Ocata Beach - Why is Among the Best Beaches Near Barcelona?

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Let's take a look at Ocata Beach, which is consistently rated at the top of the Barcelona beach guide. This destination is situated in the picturesque town of El Masnou, which is a few kilometers north of Barcelona. In general, most of the best beaches close to Barcelona are conveniently located, and they are extremely enjoyable.

Barcelona is known for having an abundance of cultural attractions, historical sites and Roman ruins, fabulous restaurants and nightlife, beautiful sea and mountains views and, of course, incredible weather. Any one of these factors would be enough to help make this part of Spain a major destination, yet visitors can also add relaxation to their list of travel benefits.

Ocata beach is long and wide, with fine golden sand

This beach is long and wide, with fine golden sand

You've Traveled a Long Way; Now It's Time to See a Place Like Ocata

If you feel that you need some time in the sun, then travel to Barcelona and visit the endless supply of beaches, which range from the crowded and lively to remote and calm. No matter what kind of beach going experience you seek you can find it in this sunny city.

Ocata consistently draws in visitors, thanks to several key factors. It is a long and wide beach with enough room for everybody, and also ideal for a walk. If you want to visit a beach that has a grand and impressive feel to it, one that is perfect for picture taking memories, then you’ll want to check out this destination. Another important factor is that this beach is very close to Barcelona, at only a few minutes by train. Last but not least, your Barcelona beach holidays in Ocata can also be enriched with some cultural activities in the area

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Find Beach Resorts Near Barcelona, at El Masnou

It could be tough to find a room in Barcelona during high season if you arrive in the city without a reservation. Barcelona is among the top destinations in Europe and is visited by millions of tourists every year. The city is quite active almost all over the year, but the most critical months to find available rooms are those in the summer season.

Here you can book a room in the city of Barcelona, and then take a short ride by train to the beach of Ocata. However, there are beach holiday resorts near Barcelona, around Ocata and El Masnou that usually offer better rates than in Barcelona city. You will be at the beach, away from the crowd and without any need to travel.

Book Your Room at Ocata Beach, close to Barcelona

The train station is located in front of Ocata beach

The train station is located in front of the beach

Travel from Barcelona to Ocata (El Masnou)

Whenever experts publish a Barcelona beaches guide, you can be sure that they take a good long look at all that the beach of Ocata has to offer. Traveling from Barcelona to sunny and fun El Masnou and this peaceful beach is an easy trip.

Simply take the R1 train from Plaza Catalunya station or Sants. Head towards Mataro / Maçanet-Massanes, and get off at the Ocata stop. The trip is only about 30 minutes. You'll also benefit from the fact that this is a beautiful journey up the coast.

Some relaxation exercises at Ocata beach

Some relaxation exercises at Ocata

The Beach of Ocata is Recommended for Beauty and Relaxation

Another good reason that so many people visit the beach of Ocata is that it is more quiet and peaceful than other options. In fact, even the waters are calmer. There is plenty of golden sand to go around and usually more than enough room for all beachgoers. You can rent a hammock, pick up a book and relax all afternoon long.

The hustle and activity Barcelona beaches is certainly exciting, but when you want a break from the busier options, Ocata should be just what you need. If you’ve visited the more famous beaches, then you owe it to yourself to get the full picture of Barcelona beach life with a trip to Ocata beach in Barcelona province.

A modernist building from early 1900 at El Masnou

A modernist building from early 1900 at El Masnou

El Masnou Adds to the Ocata Beach Experience

Once you visit Ocata, you’ll understand why it is consistently recommended as a place to go to get some sun and relax. El Masnou adds to the trip as well, thanks to its festive atmosphere and views. You can also find interesting architecture in the town center, as well as a few interesting museums.

There is also a smaller beach in the area called Platja del Masnou. If you want to try out this beach, you can do so by getting off the train at the stop El Masnou, just before Ocata. The two beaches are serviced by a large marina with a wide variety of delicious restaurants and bars.

If you are looking for a reservation, definitely try out our free restaurant reservation system. After a day at the beach, you will be hungry, so why wait in line?

El Masnou offers excellent possibilities

El Masnou offers excellent possibilities

Visiting the Best Barcelona Beaches

Barcelona wows travelers year after year, and once you’ve made the trip for yourself, you will understand why. There are many factors that help to make it a unique travel destination. Those visiting the city for the first time are consistently surprised by just how much geological diversity exists in and around it.

Places like Ocata Beach do wonders to shake the stress of life away. If you feel as though you could literally use a “little time on the beach,” then this is the destination for you.

Also since this beach is near Barcelona, you won’t have to travel hours to a remote corner of the world to get this experience. Now that is truly something incredible.