Does Montgat Beach Provide Tranquility, Relaxation, and Quiet?

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Montgat Beach is close to Barcelona and is the recommended place if you want to be away from the crowd and relax in the sun since it is probably the quietest of the beaches near Barcelona. You may say that you are seeking quiet beaches in Barcelona, but do you really mean it? In other words, are you going to feel like something is missing if you don't hear people shouting and running around? If not, we definitely recommend the beach of Montgat, which is 14Km north of the city.

Partial view of Montgat beach and the city of Montgat

Partial view of the beach and the city of Montgat

One of the Cleanest Beaches Near Barcelona

When you are trying to decide which beaches to go to, you will have to factor in a variety of considerations. For example, do you want to be in an active environment where lots of tourists go? How close do you need to be to central Barcelona? Are you traveling with your family? Would you like to go to a nudist beach, or would you find that bothersome?

When you take all these factors into account, you can hopefully find your ideal beach paradise. For those who like quiet and want a beach fairly near Barcelona, Montgat is an excellent pick.

When it comes to clean beaches, there are obviously different standards depending on where you go. If you are right in the middle of the city and don't see bottles and cigarettes everywhere, you may feel that you are in a beautiful, clean environment. However, the beach of Montgat is actually clean.

The sand really is close to perfect and even contains lovely seashells. Most visitors also feel that the water at Montgat is clearer than it is at other beaches near Barcelona. So Montgat can give you the pristine beach environment that you may be craving.

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Travel from Barcelona to Montgat Beach

Travel from Barcelona to Montgat is relatively straightforward and easy. Simply get on the R1 train towards Mataro at the Plaza Catalunya station. You will want to get off at either the Montgat or Montgat Nord stop. The trip will take just about 20 minutes. Once you get off the train at Montgat Nord, it is an extremely short walk to the beach.

If you are looking to travel from Barcelona to Montgat and back again fairly regularly, you can always rent a car for your stay. Plus, if you have a car at your disposal, you can travel throughout the region right around Barcelona at your leisure. That means that you could have the luxury to drive to famous attractions outside the city, such as the Dali Museum in Figueres.

Many tourists are surprised that renting a car can turn out to be a relatively economical option, especially when multiple people are traveling together. To get the best rates, visit this car rental reservation site and type in the dates of your stay and the type of car you prefer.

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Find Beach Resorts Near Barcelona, at Montgat

Some travelers even choose just to find a hotel and stay in Montgat. If you are looking to spend a lot of time on the beach and perhaps only go into Barcelona occasionally, this is a great option. There are excellent holiday resorts near Barcelona for your beach holidays. Accommodations could be fully booked in the summer time, so it is recommended to book in advance.

Book your room in a Resort near Barcelona, at Montgat Beach

You may take a nap at the quiet Montgat beach

You may take a nap at this quiet beach

Are You Looking to Take a Nap?

If you want to nap away the afternoon, finding quiet beaches in Barcelona may be tricky. But the beach of Montgat really does offer the kind of quiet that you would need to sleep in the sun or finish a book.

Also, there are fewer vendors walking around this beach, so you won't have to worry about the calls from people selling beer and food. It really is a little haven from the city where you can feel as though you are a million miles away.

At Montgat beach you may play volleyball or practice a relaxing Tai Chi

You may play volleyball or practice a relaxing Tai Chi

Play a Little Volleyball and Enjoy a Snack

Montgat is famous for the fact that there are lots of volleyball players. Supposedly, they are very friendly. That means that if you want to do a little volleyball playing once you wake up from your nap, you can go ahead and do so. There isn't a ton of action on Montgat beach, but you can take a long walk or play some volleyball.

There are still a variety of cafes and bars that service this beach. So it is easy to find lunch or grab a coffee. Montgat also offers some highly recommended restaurants. If you are looking to book a reservation, check out this convenient online free restaurant reservation system.