Party at the Port at Mondo Barcelona

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Mondo Barcelona is a great Barcelona nightclub that is open from Thursday to Saturday. You can conveniently find it in Barcelona’s port area at Moll d'Espanya in the Maremagnum area. This venue is the perfect spot to dance and party the night away after a day of beach activities, restaurant going and shopping.

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What is Port Vell?

Port Vell is an old waterfront area that was converted into a major shopping and entertainment district. It contains an IMAX, and the Barcelona aquarium, which is a major tourist destination.

Another one of the highlights of Port Vell is Maremagnum. This is a complex full of shopping, dining and entertainment. There’s also a fun family amusement park called Bubble Park.

You will also find stores ranging from everything from toys and technology to fashion and accessories. Conveniently, this is also where you will find Mondo Barcelona.

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Consider Visiting Port Vell During Your First One or Two Days in Barcelona

Port Vell is a great way to spend one of your first few days in Barcelona. In part this is due to the fact that a trip to this area will help you get a feel for just how great of a city Barcelona is and how much it has to offer.

In addition to all the bars and restaurants in the area, there are also some excellent nightclub options. One of the best Barcelona nightlife spots can be found in the Port Vell area in Mondo Barcelona.

Those looking to get a feel for just how action packed and vibrant the Barcelona nightclub scene truly is should head to Mondo.

Mondo club Barcelona

Barcelona Nightlife - Party Late at Mondo Barcelona

Expect Mondo to be open as late as 3:30 in the morning, meaning that it is a great spot for night owls looking to pack in some late night fun. It is a large club with a capacity around 800.

The dance floor is large and accommodating, and often doesn’t feel completely packed, which can be the case with many Barcelona nightclub fixtures. There is also a private room for parties.

Mondo club Barcelona

Mondo Barcelona Provides a Relaxed and Polished Atmosphere

Overall, Mondo is upscale and has a relaxed feel to it, which is another good reason to consider making it your first nightclub you visit the city. Barcelona nightlife can be really wild and intense.

While Mondo is pretty wild in its own right, the club’s upscale atmosphere makes it perfect for travelers looking to visit a Barcelona nightclub during their first couple of days in town. Plus, you'll get to see a lot of beautiful people in the process!

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A Great Meal and the Best of Barcelona Nightlife at the Same Time?

Mondo Barcelona has something else great going for it as well. Few Barcelona nightlife spots can provide travelers with a great meal and a true nightlife experience at the same time, but Mondo certainly delivers both. Mondo Barcelona can be a bit pricey, but you are getting a lot of convenience in return. It works as a restaurant lounge until midnight.

A great first day in Barcelona would be heading down for a fun day at Port Vell, and then following up with dinner and a night out at Mondo Barcelona. Mondo is fun, the music is often varied and the atmosphere is top-notch.

Expect to find some excellent seafood options on the menu, and after dinner, you can soak in some action at a true Barcelona nightlife hotspot. Is a trip to Mondo fun? Yes, not only is a night out at Mondo Barcelona fun, but it is tasty as well. This is a spot not to be missed.

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UPDATE: We have been informed that Mondo Barcelona is now closed. We have no further information about future plans. Please check out other pages on Barcelona Budget for other great nightclub options.