Moments Barcelona is an Asset to Barcelona Dining

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Moments Barcelona wins on two different fronts. First, there is the food, which we will dive in and explore shortly. Yet, Moments also has another important element in its favor and that is location. It is in such a perfect spot that no traveler to Barcelona should pass up visiting this culinary experience. Why is the location so important where this establishment is concerned? Clearly, Moments will make it to the top of any Barcelona restaurants list. But for travelers who want to experience all there is to see and do in the city, Moments is a must!

The decor of Moments Barcelona is nothing less than you would expect. A layout of the restaurant is brilliant and instantly grabs your attention. It is experiences like dining at Moments that will make you certain that you’ve made the right travel destination choice with Barcelona.

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A Simply Ideal Location

Moments Barcelona is centrally located in Passeig de Gràcia and can be found in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This is one of Barcelona’s top and most luxurious hotels. Combine these facts with the fact that Moments is near a slew of Barcelona’s best attractions and a trip to Moments becomes a very easy decision.

Since Moments is a short walk from Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, La Sagrada Família, as well as exceptional shopping and the business district, it is easy to see why this location works in Moments favor. If you are exploring the city, then you will no doubt be within a short walk of this restaurant on more than one occasion.

The areas surrounding Moments Barcelona are packed with things to do, explore, see and experience, meaning that a trip to Moments can also provide you with other great activities as well. Now, amazing location aside, let’s get to the incredible food at Moments.

Barcelona's Best Attractions Within Walking Distance of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Moments Barcelona

The Very Best of Catalan Cuisine from Chef Ruscalleda

At this restaurant, you can venture into the best of traditional Catalan food. If you want to taste real Catalan cuisine, then hands down, Moments is one of the top options in all of Barcelona! The restaurant has received many different awards including two Michelin stars.

Chef Carme Ruscalleda is one of Spain’s best known and loved chefs, and her work is viewed as being highly creative and innovative. A further note, Chef Carme Ruscalleda stands as the most awarded woman in the world with a grand total of six Michelin stars.

This fact is all the more impressive when one considers that she is self-taught. Amongst the prizes that she has earned includes the National Gastronomy Prize and the Sant Jordi Cross, which is the highest Catalan honor. Chef Ruscalleda joined the Mandarin Oriental in 2009 and by 2012, Moments Barcelona was awarded two Michelin stars.

Moments’ Anti-Aging Lunchtime Menu

Finally, Moments Barcelona offers up something truly innovative and unique. Looking to further showcase her creativity and forward thinking approach to food, Chef Ruscalleda has partnered with Dr. Manuel Sanchez. Dr. Sanchez is the head of the Anti-Aging Unit Clinic Planas.

Together, they have created Moments’ Anti-Aging Lunchtime Menu, which focuses on providing food that will literally assist in slowing down the aging process. Moments is the only restaurant in Barcelona to offer anti-aging gastronomy. Anyone looking to have a truly unique and remarkably healthy meal should definitely book a reservation and see firsthand what Chef Ruscalleda has prepared!

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Preparing for Your Trip

This restaurant can get very busy, so we highly recommend making reservations ahead of time. Check out this free restaurant reservations search engine to book ahead in just minutes.

While you may not be able to stay at a hotel like the Mandarin Oriental Hotel or even eat at Moments Barcelona if you are on a very limited budget, there is no doubt that this is an exciting place to stay.

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