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Marula Cafe Barcelona offers a great location in the Gothic Quarter. You likely have limited time in Barcelona, and that means you’ll want to get the most out of every minute. Much like London or New York, there is a lot, a whole lot, to do. Travelers are thus never able to pack in everything that they want to see and do in just one trip. With the right planning and approach, it is possible to get the most of out each day. We’ve made some recommendations for Barcelona nightlife hotspots that you will likely enjoy and one great option is Marula Cafe.

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The Gothic Quarter and Marula Cafe Barcelona

One smart approach to experiencing Barcelona is to sync up your day plays with your nighttime adventures. For this reason, savvy travelers opt for visiting Barcelona nightlife venues that are also easily accessible from some of Barcelona’s best daytime attractions.

Marula Cafe works very well when it comes to making the most out of your Barcelona travel time. It can be found in one of Barcelona’s more interesting areas, the Gothic Quarter. There is plenty to do and see in the Gothic Quarter which has a great charm and ambiance all of its own.

It’s a great spot for sightseeing and getting to see a very cool ancient side of Barcelona. If you love architecture, you will be truly wow’ed. Plus, Marula Cafe is easily accessible via the metro, which helps make it a good pick, regardless.

The Gothic Quarter is also just next to Las Ramblas, which is another one of the city’s most popular areas. You can watch live entertainment, visit cultural attractions, dine and even shop in Las Ramblas.

Basically, you could spend the day in these two areas and then head right over to Marula for a night of partying. You don’t even necessarily have to go back to your hotel in between!

Marula Cafe Barcelona Provides The Right Size and Vibe

Marula Cafe Barcelona is a larger sized club. It isn’t the largest club in Barcelona, as many clubs that provide music in Barcelona hover around the 1000 capacity mark. But it is still quite large with a capacity of roughly 400 people. This is large enough to feel impressive, but not so big as to feel impersonal.

You may find that after visiting some of the larger clubs, that Marula Cafe strikes a nice change of pace! In comparison to some other Barcelona nightlife spots, Marula tends to draw a slightly older crowd than many of the other clubs in the city, which also contributes to its distinctive feel and vibe.

This Barcelona Nightlife Gem Offers Up an Eclectic Sound

Then there is the music selection at Marula Café Barcelona. If you want to take a break from house and hip-hop for a night, then you’ve come to the right place.

Music in Barcelona, like many spots around the globe, often tends to gravitate towards house, electro and hip-hop. But Marula Cafe offers up a little something different and you will likely find it quite refreshing. You can hear everything from Latin music to funk and R&B.

The music choices feel right for the venue and somehow help cultivate a related and friendly mood. Best of all, the music will feel fresh, new and rewarding. When you leave Marula Café Barcelona, you will feel as though you had a different type of experience, and you’ll be glad you gave it a try.

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Marula Cafe Barcelona Mixes the Right Elements with Precision

You’ll most definitely feel as though you are getting your retro fix when visiting this club. Also it is interesting to note that this is not the only Marula Café, as there is also another one in Madrid.

If you are only able to see three or four key Barcelona nightlife spots then you should make Marula Cafe Barcelona one of them. The mixture of elements is such that you’ll remember a night here well after your Barcelona adventure has ended.

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