Magic Club Barcelona - A Distinct Feel

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One nightclub that makes the most out of its location is Magic Club Barcelona. If you think all clubs are the same then, the people behind Magic would like the chance to change your mind. The best Barcelona nightlife is often found near some of the city's most interesting attractions, which is, of course, fantastic for travelers. This makes it convenient to see some culture during the day and party at night.

Magic Club Barcelona - The perfect place for Rock lovers

The perfect place for Rock lovers

A Barcelona Nightclub That Makes the Most of Its Ideal Location

Magic is in the heart of much of what makes Barcelona wonderful. It is located near the Parc de la Ciutadella or Ciutadella Park. This park is open all year and is home to the huge 70 acre Barcelona Zoo. Yet, that is only the beginning of what Ciutadella Park has to offer.

The park is full of walking and jogging paths, impressive fountains, architecture and more. The lake in the park only helps to further cement Ciutadella Park as a major travel destination in Barcelona. There is a lot packed into this area and Magic Club Barcelona is right nearby.

Magic is located in the Born district, in Passeig de Picasso 40. In this area there are a wide variety of interesting things to do including good bars and restaurants, and the Born market. Of course, there are also important cultural attractions like the Picasso Museum and Santa Maria del Mar church.

The fact that Ciutadella Park, and Magic Barcelona are all in the same general area means that it is possible to plan an entire day, and night, around this very happening part of the city. Barcelona nightlife tends to thrive in easily accessible areas, and Magic scores big points for its accessibility.

Magic Club Barcelona - Nice bar to have a good time

Nice bar to have a good time

Magic Club Barcelona Cultivates a Distinct Feel and Sound

Many Barcelona clubs have their own distinct feel and style and Magic is no exception. This club tends to be for a younger crowd, and this mainstay of Barcelona nightlife tends to be very packed.

A good part of how this club stands out is the fact that the club doesn’t fit one type of mold. If you want variety and want something a little unexpected out of a Barcelona nightclub, then it might very well be your best option.

While Magic has a huge dance floor that can accommodate hundreds of people, this isn’t what gives the club its charm and unique feel.

Magic Club Barcelona - A crowded dance floor

A crowded dance floor

A Tribute to Good Music

The music selection can be shockingly diverse for a nightclub, with different kinds of music from different eras intermingling. During a visit to Magic Club Barcelona, you may experience an 80's night or even soak in a little disco. Regardless of the music selection, you will not leave disappointed.

In this way, Magic is about cultivating an experience and a tribute to good music of all kinds. It is tempting to categorize this as a rock club with a hint of techno thrown in.

But the overall music selection is diverse enough that it is difficult to categorize this place with total accuracy. Magic Club Barcelona is different and you’ll love it.

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Magic, Ultimately Lives Up to It’s Name

Magic might be crowded, loud and smoky, but it is also very alive, fun and a little bit wild. The dance floor is always more than a little charged. When it comes to getting the most out of Barcelona nightlife and taking home some cool memories, Magic lives up to it’s name.

Of course, if you love nightclubs, you will want to check out more than just Magic Club Barcelona during your stay. However, clearly the price for doing so can really add up. There are so many other things that you will want to spend money on during your trip like shopping, dining, entertainment and museums.

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