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Macarena Barcelona has earned the reputation for great music. Ask anyone who loves Barcelona, and they will tell you about their favorite neighborhoods. One area that both local, as well as travelers love, is Las Ramblas. This is one of the best spots in all of the city for hanging out, doing a little people watching, shopping or just taking in some incredible weather.

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Want to check out more than one club? During your trip to Barcelona, you will probably want to see a variety of clubs. That will give you true exposure to the diverse party environments that the city offers.

One way to do this, and not break the bank in the process, is to get the Barcelona Night Card. This handy card lets you enter 23 different clubs anytime before 2:00am. This is a great way to enjoy a variety of places. In fact, you can even “club hop” and see multiple examples of Barcelona nightlife in the same night!

But if you want some of the real flavor of nightclubs in Barcelona, then you want to check out a club like Macarena Barcelona. Macarena has gained the reputation for consistently playing great music. In fact, the world’s best DJs like playing the club and do so often.

Macarena Barcelona club is located near Las Ramblas

Macarena club is located near Las Ramblas

Macarena Barcelona - Making the Most Out of Its Proximity to Las Ramblas

Yet, the Las Ramblas area has a little something else to offer locals and travelers alike and that comes in the form of its access to some impressive nightclubs. One of the best is Macarena Barcelona. This Barcelona nightlife highlight might not be the biggest club in all of Barcelona, but it certainly knows how to keep them coming back.

Macarena’s close proximity to Las Ramblas no doubt helps to make this small nightclub a fixture on the Barcelona nightlife scene. While the dance floor is quite small and the club’s capacity is roughly only 300 people, even with the mezzanine included, partiers still flock to this club.

It can be tight, loud and very, very loud. How loud? You should consider bringing earplugs. But that goes without saying for virtually any nightclub.

Macarena Barcelona - Enjoy quality techno music

Enjoy quality techno music

Barcelona Nightlife - Fantastic House and Techno at Macarena

Over the years, Macarena Barcelona has earned a reputation for having fantastic house and techno music and for having an exceptional sound system.

It is this sound system that helps contribute to the club’s enduring popularity, which shows no signs whatsoever of wavering.

Macarena Barcelona - The club is open every day

The club is open every day

Underscoring the Diversity of Nightclubs in Barcelona

Nightclubs in Barcelona are very different, and Macarena Barcelona is a testament to that diversity. People go to Macarena for the music and not so much to “be seen”.

While there are exceptions to every rule, this one seems to normally apply to Macarena. So if you want to go somewhere but don’t necessarily want to dress up, this is the best spot.

Macarena is open seven days per week. This means that no matter what day you arrive in Barcelona, you can help shake off the travel blues with a trip to this energy packed environment.

Macarena Barcelona - Small in size, but surprisingly good

Small in size, but surprisingly good

Travelers Usually Miss Macarena, But You Shouldn’t!

Many travelers will miss this club, and this even includes those who are venturing to Barcelona in part to take in the Barcelona nightlife scene. You don’t want to be one of them!

Yes, it is only a fraction of the size of some of the other Barcelona nightlife staples, but that is exactly why you should go!

You can be sure that you can get a good drink at Macarena, but again, lots of nightclubs serve up good drinks. What you want to go to Macarena for is the experience. The club just feels different and you’ll realize that fact as soon as you walk through the door.

Macarena Barcelona - The club is usually crowded

The club is usually crowded

It’s Noisy, Crowded, Lively and Fun

One word of caution; if you don’t like really crowded clubs, then Macarena is not for you. There is no way around it. Macarena Barcelona gets really packed. If crowds aren’t a problem for you, then you will love the experience.

Since Las Ramblas is in the area, it is easy to spend the afternoon taking in all that the neighborhood has to offer in terms of attractions, entertainment, shopping and dining. Then party the night away at the small, but powerful, Macarena!