La Terrazza Barcelona in Montjuic

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La Terrazza Barcelona is a highly unique experience that we strongly recommend to anyone who is seeking nightclubs in Barcelona. You are unlikely ever to have another chance to experience a club quite like this one. Many people are surprised to learn that one of the hottest spots for Barcelona nightlife is located in Montjuic.

What Makes La Terrazza Barcelona So Unique?

First of all, La Terrazza is a completely open air club. In many cities, this would be impossible, but Barcelona’s great year round temperatures make it the perfect city to dance and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Plus, you will enjoy a fantastic view while you are dancing and drinking the night away.

The second thing that is so interesting about La Terrazza Barcelona is that it is set right inside Poble Espanyol, which is a village created to be a replica of an ancient Spanish village. This aspect gives this club a unique atmosphere that is really unlike anywhere else. You almost will feel as though you have been transported back in time.

Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village)

Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village)
An Open-air Museum

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What is Poble Espanyol?

Poble Espanyol was originally created as an attraction in Montjuic for tourists who were visiting the 1929 International Exposition. After the exposition had ended, the city decided to leave this village for people to enjoy in the future.

The fact that Poble Espanyol was left intact was a great decision. It now is an exciting attraction for tourists and locals alike. There are a variety of shops and restaurants, and, of course, fabulous Barcelona nightlife.

It’s a fascinating place for those who love history and great architecture. You can see replicas of over 100 buildings. Keep in mind that these are full-scale replicas, so you can walk right inside and imagine what life was like for people in ancient times.

This area has a variety of events that take place year round that include dance, music and theater. There is also a lot of art at Poble Espanyol, which include a sculpture garden, craft workshops and the Fran Daurel Museum.

A History of Great Music

La Terrazza Barcelona has been pleasing those who are seeking nightclubs in Barcelona for almost 20 years. Over the years, countless famous DJs from around the world have come to perform at this venue.

Both locals and tourists come to this club to dance to some of the best music.

Very Gay Friendly

Those who are seeking gay and lesbian Barcelona nightlife will feel at home at La Terrazza Barcelona. The club has a reputation for being very gay friendly and is sometimes promoted in gay publications.

However, there are lots of straight people as well. Ultimately, anyone is welcome. You should feel comfortable regardless of whether or not you are gay.

Looking for More Barcelona Nightlife in Montjuic?

La Terrazza Barcelona isn’t the only club located at Poble Espanyol. There is another club right inside the village called The One. This club specializes in providing a high-tech experience.

The club puts a lot of energy into visual detail and audiovisual technology. It’s considered one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona. So if you visit Montjuic, there are actually two spots for you to enjoy.

How Can You Get to La Terrazza Barcelona?

While Montjuic is outside of the most popular areas of the city, it is pretty easy to get to this location. The easiest way to go is to drive, and there is a parking lot right on site. If you take the metro, it is line 1 and line 3 at the Espanya stop. By bus, it is the Poble Espanyol stop on lines 13 and 150.

You can also get to Poble Espanyol through the Barcelona Bus Turistic. It stops right at this location. (Of course, the bus doesn’t operate in the very late hours of the night and early morning).

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Seeing All that Barcelona Nightlife Has to Offer

If you want to see some very eclectic and exciting clubs, definitely check out Poble Espanyol and La Terrazza Barcelona.

However, why stop at just one area of town? If you opt for the Barcelona Night Card, you will be able to enter up to 23 different clubs free of charge over a 7-day period. As long as you arrive before 2am, they will let you right in! It’s a great way to see more nightclubs in Barcelona and save at the same time.