Joan Miro Sculpture - Some Famous Works at the Miro Museum, the City, and Around the World

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Joan Miro sculpture clearly illuminates the fact that contemporary art is meant to be enjoyed by open minds. The sculptures and painting of Joan Miro rank as some of the world’s most famous artworks created by contemporary artists. Art lovers and art historians understand that modern art paintings like Joan Miro paintings, Joan Miro ceramics and sculptures deserve a special place in the world of art.

Miro’s long career spans several decades, and he produced many works that are now considered masterpieces. The consistency and quality of Miro’s work stand as a testament to his unique vision and contribution to the art. If you want to know some interesting facts about Joan Miro, as well as his life and career, please read the section dedicated to his biography.

Joan Miro sculpture - "Figure" (bronze), 1970

"Figure" (bronze), 1970

Joan Miro Gallery Exhibitions

In 1921, Miro traveled to Paris where he had his first exhibition at the La Licorne Gallery. Seven years later in 1925, Miro had a solo surrealist exhibition in Paris’s Pierre Gallery.

Ever evolving Miro, soon took an interest in working in collage. Eventually, this interest produced some striking sculptures with the theme of mothers featuring prominently.

Joan Miro sculpture - The Caress of a Bird, 1967

The Caress of a Bird, 1967

Joan Miro Sculpture and More - Working in Diverse Mediums

Like other Spanish artists such as Dali, Miro worked in many different mediums ranging from watercolors and pastels to engravings, ceramic murals and even painting on metal. In short, Miro’s work was diverse and innovative.

During his lifetime, he produced about 600 sculptures as well as ceramics and tapestries.

Joan Miro sculpture and ceramics - Upper image: "The Wall of the Sun" (15x2.2m) - Lower image: "The Wall of the Moon" (7.5x2.2m)

Upper image: "The Wall of the Sun" (15x2.2m) - Lower image: "The Wall of the Moon" (7.5x2.2m)

The Wall of the Sun and the Wall of the Moon

Miro’s work in ceramics is particularly striking. Two works, in particular, The Wall of the Sun and the Wall of the Moon, produced from 1957 through 1959 are quite well known.

Produced for the UNESCO building in Paris, these works stand out among the hundreds of ceramics he created during his lifetime.

Joan Miro sculpture and ceramics - Mosaic at Pla de l'Os (Las Ramblas), 1976

Mosaic at Pla de l'Os (Las Ramblas), 1976

Art in Barcelona Outside the Joan Miro Gallery

Just walking the streets of Barcelona, you can find amazing works by Miro. For example, there is a work in La Rambla at a place called Pla de l'Os. This colorful mosaic is right on the pavement and is a favorite of tourists and locals alike.

Another important piece of art by Miro is one that you can see when you first arrive in Barcelona at the airport, is a huge ceramic mural in Terminal 2. This work, which was completed in 1970 is 9 meters long and 5 meters wide!

Joan Miro sculpture, ceramics and tapestry - Tapestry made of wool and hemp (6.1x10.7m) in the World Trade Center, 1974

Tapestry made of wool and hemp (6.1x10.7m) in the World Trade Center, 1974

Joan Miro and the World Trade Center

Later in 1974, Miro created a tapestry for the World Trade Center in New York. Sadly, this decoration stands as one of the great work of art that was lost during the September 11th attacks. The World Trade Center Tapestry he produced stood for many years before the artwork was lost that day.

Joan Miro sculpture - "Miss Chicago" (The Sun, the Moon and One Star), 1981

"Miss Chicago" (The Sun, the Moon and One Star), 1981

Joan Miro Sculpture - The Sun, the Moon and One Star

In 1981, The Sun, the Moon, and One Star work was unveiled in downtown Chicago. Later the name was changed to just Miro’s Chicago. This impressive and large sculpture sits just a short distance from the famous Picasso sculpture, Chicago Picasso.

Joan Miro sculpture - Woman and Bird, 1982

Woman and Bird, 1982

Great Pieces by Joan Miro - Woman and Bird

Miro's art sculpture has made its mark all around the world and continued to do so until this day. The Woman and the Bird is one of Barcelona’s most striking works. The sculpture was dedicated in 1982 with Miro in attendance. Sadly, a few months later Miro died.

Joan Miro's The Woman and the Bird is imposing. It stands a full 21 meters high and is a true Barcelona artistic highlight out for locals and travelers alike. Travelers to Barcelona will want to stop by and see this incredible work of art.

Joan Miro sculpture - Girl Escaping, 1967

Girl Escaping, 1967

The Sculptures of Joan Miro Left a Lasting Impression on the World of Art

Through his various artwork, Miro made a strong impression and contribution. Few artists continue to be remembered like Miro. The Miro Foundation Barcelona is playing a huge role in helping this remarkable artist continue to live on through his work and their world famous Joan Miro gallery located in Montjuic.

People come from all over the world to see this amazing collection of Joan Miro paintings and sculptures.

Joan Miro sculpture - Lovers Playing with Almond Blossoms (La Defense, Paris), 1975

Lovers Playing with Almond Blossoms (La Defense, Paris), 1975

Visiting the Fundacio Joan Miro

Visit the Joan Miro Gallery, and you will be struck not just by the precision of Miro’s work, but also by its diversity and consistent creativity. From his first showing in Paris in 1921 to the unveiling of Joan Miro Woman and Bird in 1982, Miro continued to evolve, impress and delight.

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