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Joan Miro paintings can capture a viewer's attention and imagination. This is an accomplishment when working in one medium, but grabbing attention in several mediums is indeed the mark of a master. It is not just Joan Miro's painting that garnered so much attention, but also his work in sculpture, tapestry, ceramics and even lithography.

Joan Miro Paintings - "The Gold of the Azure" painting, 1967

"The Gold of the Azure" painting, 1967

More Than Just Joan Miro Paintings - Diversity at Every Level

Joan Miro art was diverse in every way and at every level. It is no wonder that the Miro Foundation is such a popular destination. Miro is much loved in Barcelona, and his contribution to the art world at large is evident throughout the city. Whether in his mosaic work in Las Ramblas, The Woman and the Bird or other sculptures, tapestries, drawings and paintings that you can see at the Miro Foundation in Barcelona. Miro made a lasting mark.

When you are in Barcelona, don't miss visiting the Miro Foundation to admire paintings of Joan Miro, sculptures and, of course, much more. This art museum will be a favorite of anyone who loves contemporary art.

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Joan Miro Paintings - "Bottle of Wine" painting, 1927

"Bottle of Wine" painting, 1927

Joan Miro’s Early Life

Miro was always drawn to art. By the age of seven, he was studying art at a private school. By 1907, Miro was enrolled at La Llotja, a fine art academy. Eleven years later, Miro had his first show at the Dalmau Gallery. Many at the time responded negatively to his work. In 1920, Miro moved to Paris where he explored surrealism.

Four years later, Miro joined the Surrealist Group. Since the paintings of Joan Miro were so full of symbolism and poetry, these seemed to be a perfect fit for this movement.

Many years later in 1959, Andre Breton requested that Miro represent Spain in an Homage to Surrealism exhibition. Paintings of Miro were exhibited with that of other famous artists including Salvador Dali.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Miro in his early years. In fact, for a time he worked in the business world, but had a nervous breakdown which prompted him to return to the world of art. The points are that Miro had to overcome adversity to pursue his love of art. His father had rejected the notion of his son becoming an artist, which no doubt also led to complications for the young Miro.

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Joan Miro Paintings - "Catalan Peasant by Moonlight" painting, 1968

"Catalan Peasant by Moonlight" painting, 1968

The Wall of the Sun and the Wall of the Moon

The Wall of the Sun and the Wall of the Moon were produced for the UNESCO building in Paris, and the results were spectacular. Created during a period of over two years, these ceramic mural pieces stand as some of Miro's most beautiful works.

Joan Miro Paintings - "Man and Woman in front of a pile of excrement" painting, 1935

"Man and Woman in front of a pile of excrement" painting, 1935

Don't Miss the Joan Miro Mosaic at Las Ramblas

The Las Ramblas area of Barcelona is widely popular and offers full of a range of things to do. If you are visiting Barcelona for the first time, this is one of the first places you should go! In 1971, Miro installed an impressive pavement mosaic that is alone well worth the trip to the Las Ramblas area.

It's a great chance to see fantastic art in a public setting. You will also quickly see that this artist's ability goes far beyond just paintings.

Joan Miro Paintings - Left: "Self Portrait" painting, 1937. Right: finished work with thick strokes superimposed on the original, 1960

Left: "Self Portrait" painting, 1937. Right: finished work with thick strokes superimposed on the original, 1960

Joan Miro Lithograph Work

Miro is also remembered for his lithography work. Miro’s process of working in lithography really started in the 1930's but unfolded over many years. It was in 1947 that a New York City publisher decided to publish a collection of his lithographs. The result was the impressive The Prints of Joan Miro. This collection includes some of his most famous works.

Joan Miro Paintings - "Morning Star" painting (from the Constellations series), 1940

"Morning Star" painting (from the Constellations series), 1940

Joan Miro Sculptures

Joan Miro sculptures also continue to resonate to this day. Some of his later works are some of his best known. Miro often thought big, and this fact is well reflected in The Sun, the Moon and One Star, which was later named Miro’s Chicago. This impressive work, unveiled in 1981, sets just feet away from the iconic Chicago landmark and Picasso sculpture, Chicago Picasso.

In 1983, just before Miro’s death, he was on hand for the unveiling of The Woman and the Bird in Barcelona. This sculpture has become a real Barcelona landmark and continued to delight people to this day. At 21 meters high and full of eye-grabbing curves, this is one of the Joan Miro sculptures that is impossible to miss or forget.