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Nova Icaria beach has a privileged location near Barcelona city center and by the Port Olimpic. This beach deserves to be front among the attractions you select from your Barcelona beaches guide due to its fantastic location near Port Olimpic.

Booking a hotel near Nova Icaria beach for your stay in Barcelona is a big plus

Booking a hotel near the beach for your stay in Barcelona is a big plus

Barcelona Beaches Guide to Hotels

If you are planning to stay at a hotel near the beach, you will be pleased to find out that there are many great hotel options right near the beach of Nova Icaria. Find the best deals for hotels near Nova Icria beach.

Staying right by the beach can be a fantastic experience. But even if you stay close to Barcelona city center, you can still benefit from the fact that Icaria is just a short walk away. You will find that there are many hotels and hostels in a wide variety of price points throughout the area.

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Nova Icaria beach is at the north-east side of the Port Olympic

The beach is on the northeast side of the Port Olimpic

Beachgoers Love the Fact that Port Olimpic is so Close

The beach of Nova Icaria is just to the northeast of this exciting area, and that means that visitors can enjoy all the entertainment and dining options it has to offer. This impressive part of Barcelona was built by the city for the Olympics in 1992. Before that time, it was just a bunch of abandoned buildings. The transformation has been somewhat shocking, and it has given people who live in the city a whole new area to enjoy.

Most visitors to the city find Port Olimpic to be one of the most fun places they see, especially in the summer. Some of the clubs stay open really late. In fact, many of the clubs don't even open until 2 am!

If you are looking to enjoy a party atmosphere, but you are traveling with kids, try IceBarcelona. This is a bar that is entirely made of ice, with a temperature of about -5°C. If you go before 11 pm, minors are welcome to visit and drink non-alcoholic beverages.

Nova Icaria beach - This beach may be a good choice for relax near downtown

This beach may be a good choice for relaxing near downtown

A Quiet Refuge Perfect for Relaxation

Even though the beach of Nova Icaria is near to Barceloneta beach and Port Olimpic, many visitors are surprised to see how much quieter it tends to be. The drop off in noise is appreciable. Icaria is an excellent choice for people looking to find a little relaxation space close to the city.

You will tend to see more children and families and less partying. But even though there is less nightlife, you will still find a variety of restaurants and bars. Mango and Chiringuito are frequently recommended.

If you are looking for a restaurant reservation on Nova Icaria, definitely check out this free restaurant reservation system we recommend. While Icaria is less crowded, you will probably need a reservation if you want to avoid a wait.

The beach of Nova Icaria is also considered to be very clean. Local authorities spend a lot of time and energy keeping Icaria clean, as well as the other nearby beaches on the stretch like Bogatell Beach, Marbella, and Nova Mar Bella.

Windsurfing is just one of the activities you can enjoy at Nova Icaria beach

Windsurfing is just one of the activities you can enjoy at this beach

Windsurfing in Barcelona and Much More

There are lots of fun activities going on at the beach of Nova Icaria that are perfect for thrill seekers. This beach is one of the top spots you will want to visit if you are interested in windsurfing in Barcelona. You can also enjoy everything from hang gliding and jet skiing to boating and surfing.

This beach has a very long promenade that is popular with joggers and walkers. You can also just sit, and people watch for hours on end. Throughout the day, you will see lots of people playing volleyball and other sports as well.

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