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Hotel Rialto Barcelona is a dream when it comes to its location. There are, of course, plenty of hotels in Barcelona, Spain and you can find places to stay at every price point and quality level. With that stated, however, some hotels manage to stand out for a variety of reasons. Some rise above the others due to their amenities and other stand out from the crowd due to their location. Of course, on some occasions, hotels succeed in both areas.

When this happens, you can be certain that the hotels are considered to be very desirable hotspots. As a result, you can expect these hotels to get booked well in advance.

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Hotels in Barcelona, Spain Stay Booked for Many Reasons

Many people are surprised to learn just how competitive it can be to get not just a great hotel room in Barcelona, but also any room. The simple fact is that Barcelona is a year round, global travel destination.

People come from all around the world to enjoy Barcelona’s high percentage of sunny and warm days. This amazing weather is one of the key reasons that so many people opt for second homes and winter dwellings in this inviting city.

Unfortunately, often travelers wait until the last minute to book and find out that they can’t find a place to stay. Don’t let this happen to you! Be sure to plan ahead for best results.

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The Centrally Located Hotel Rialto Barcelona is a Great Option

One hotel that has quality amenities and a marvelous location is Hotel Rialto Barcelona. The neighborhood of Hotel Rialto is difficult to top.

Located in the Gothic Quarter and near the Las Ramblas area, Hotel Rialto gives travelers remarkably easy access to so much of what makes Barcelona a dream to visit and live in. The Liceu Theatre is just one of the impressive landmarks in this part of the city.

The Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas

What really helps Hotel Rialto shine brightly is its prime location in the Gothic Quarter in close proximity to the Las Ramblas. These two areas provide visitors with a true wealth of activities of all kinds. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, key Barcelona tourist destinations, shopping, museums, great ocean views and more are all within easy reach.

Finally, Hotel Rialto Barcelona enjoys easy access to a variety of public transportation options. Do you want to go straight from the airport to your hotel? This will be no problem. When we state that Hotel Rialto has an exceptional location, it is no overreach!

Hotel Rialto’s Building is Where Joan Miro Was Born

There are roughly 200 rooms in Hotel Rialto Barcelona, which makes it large, but not so large as to be impersonal or unresponsive. Modern amenities abound ranging from flat screen LCD televisions to electronic key entry.

The building itself is worth the trip, as it is the house where famed artist Joan Miro was born! If you want to learn more about Miro and see many of his beautiful artworks, visit the Fundacio de Joan Miro in Montjuic during your trip. You will see his work along with that of some other great contemporary artists.

Restaurant Miro

Even though the area surrounding Hotel Rialto Barcelona is simply overflowing with wonderful restaurants, the hotel has it’s own restaurant option in the form of Restaurant Miro. Restaurant Miro stacks up well even amongst the ample regional competition. The venue is pleasant, relaxing and the food is quite good. If you are a fan of Joan Miro, why not eat a meal in the restaurant with his name?

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Booking Well In Advance is Strongly Advised

Those looking for great access to the core of Barcelona will want to pencil in Hotel Rialto at the top of their list. Hotels in Barcelona, Spain don’t come with a better location and traveling to and from the hotel to the airport and back is truly a breeze.

Staying at the Hotel Rialto Barcelona is a prudent move for any traveler who is dedicated to making the most out of his or her trip. Just remember that rooms book up in advance.

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