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Gothic Quarter Barcelona is a testament to just how much diversity the city has to offer. There is a large number of great attractions and places to visit in Barcelona, but some travelers don’t make it to the Barcelona Gothic Area. That is truly a shame, as the neighborhood has so much history and beauty to offer.

What to see in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter? Part of what makes the Gothic Quarter (in Catalan "Barri Gòtic") so unique is that it is the center of what is the old city of Barcelona (Ciutat Vella). A trip to the Gothic Quarter might not exactly be like taking a time machine back a few centuries, but it will give you peek into the past. Many of the buildings in the area are impressive and date back to Medieval times.

In fact, some of the architecture in the area date back to the Roman Empire’s initial settlement of Barcelona. Venture to the right spots, such as the area around Avignuda de la Catedral and Carrer de la Palla in the south, and you’ll even find ancient Roman walls.

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Barcelona Accommodation in the Gothic Quarter

If you plan to visit Barcelona, you may probably wonder what the best areas to stay in the city are, so that you can book an accommodation that fit your needs are.

We recommend neighborhoods that have good transportation options with links to diverse areas of the city. We also take into account the number of places to visit in the areas, restaurants, shopping, and walking distance to the attractions.

That said, the Barcelona Gothic Quarter is one of the best areas to stay in Barcelona. Barri Gòtic Barcelona is in the Old City (Ciutat Vella), and it offers full of activities and attractions that can be visited by taking just short walks.

There are many hotels in Barcelona city center and several hotels in Gothic Quarter Barcelona Spain. You'll also find hostels, guest houses, B&B, and excellent apartments.

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Gothic Quarter Barcelona - Plaça del Rei is home of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA)

Plaça del Rei is home of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA)

Visual Appeal of the Gothic Area Barcelona

Adding to the mystique and excitement of the Gothic Area in Barcelona is the fact that the neighborhood is full of many cafes, shops, and restaurants. Though, it is not this that gives the area such appeal. Barri Gòtic, as it is called in Catalan, almost feels like a Hollywood shooting location as the winding streets and alleys criss-cross, creating a maze-like effect. Car traffic to most of the Barcelona Barri Gòtic is closed, but there is some taxi service available.

Plaça del Rei is another part of the Gothic Quarter that you should be sure to check out. This area is a relaxing open square where you can find some tranquility, see people hanging out and hear some music.

The Gothic Quarter is also home to the Jewish Quarter, where you can find Barcelona's main synagogue along with ancient ruins. This construction is located in El Call, which once was the Jewish district in Barcelona.

Another interesting place for sightseeing is the square called Plaza Sant Jaume. This square is where the seat of the Catalan government (Generalitat) is located. The City Hall building is on the other side of the plaza.

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Picasso Museum, near the Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Picasso Museum, near the Gothic area (though wrong, quarters like Sant Pere, Santa Caterina, La Ribera and El Born, are popularly included in the Gothic area)

The Picasso Museum - A Barcelona Highlight

The Picasso Museum is located in El Born, nearby the Gothic Quarter, though sometimes is mistakenly mentioned to be in the Gothic area. If you love art, then a trip to The Picasso Museum is a must. This museum does an excellent job of celebrating all things Picasso and truly embraces everything that this great artist offers the world to this day.

The Museum houses an awe-inspiring collection of over 3,500 works of art so you can be sure to walk away stunned by the creative brilliance of one of the history’s greatest artists. In short, don’t skip the Picasso Museum.

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Gothic Quarter Barcelona - Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, or Gothic Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is often just referred to as the Barcelona Cathedral or Gothic Cathedral. Located in the heart of the Gothic area in Barcelona, the impressive and visually gorgeous Barcelona Cathedral is in itself worth a trip to the Gothic Quarter. Constructed from the 13th to 15th centuries, the cathedral's completion date was 1448, and it comes complete with some impressive and menacing looking gargoyles.

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar in El Born area stands as another excellent example of Middle Ages architecture. This church was completed in 1383, and it contrasts nicely with the Barcelona Cathedral. Visiting both will give you a feel of the grand architecture of the era.

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Gothic Quarter Barcelona - Drinking water source in Portaferrissa street (La Rambla 116), from 1680.

Drinking water source in Portaferrissa street (La Rambla 116), from 1680. This point was an access gate to the city, while Las Ramblas was kept outside the walls

Las Ramblas - One of the Top Places to Visit in Barcelona

When you are considering different places to visit in Barcelona, Las Ramblas Barcelona is a great pick as it is packed with so much to do and the Gothic Quarter serves as an excellent contrast.

One good Barcelona travel tip is to visit Las Ramblas Barcelona one day, which is packed with old world charm and fantastic architecture. Then switch to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona the next day.

While these neighborhoods are conveniently located next to one another, each area has more than enough to keep you busy for an entire day. In this way, you will quickly get a taste of just how much diversity this ancient city has to offer to those who visit it and call it home. The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona will inspire you to take many photos.

You don't have to figure out how to explore the Gothic Quarter on your own. We have budget walking and biking tours that are not only a lot of fun, but also that will allow you to learn about this region's history on a deeper level.

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