Many Treasures Can Be Found By Garraf Beach

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Garraf beach provides a peaceful escape from Barcelona City. This is an ideal beach for the family which is located about 20Km south of Barcelona. The village of Garraf is a picturesque fishing village, which is settled on a hill by the beach. There are quaint old fisherman's huts running along the beach.

They are now being used as beach huts. Because this beach is so close to Barcelona, it is really popular among local families. Increasingly, tourists also recognize that it is an idyllic place to visit.

Technically, Garraff is part of Sitges. However, what you will find at the beach of Garraf is far different than what you can expect at Sitges beach. Sitges tends to be more action-packed, while Garraf tends to be more laid back overall.

Garraf beach - This quite beach is easily accessible by train from Barcelona downtown

This quiet beach is easily accessible by train from Barcelona downtown

Travel from Barcelona to Garraf Beach Via Public Transportation

To travel from Barcelona to the beach of Garraf by train, just take the R2 train towards Sitges Beach. You can catch it at Passeig de Gracia station or Sants Station. This train ride also only takes about a half an hour.

Please note that there are also some express trains that go right to Sitges, so make sure you don't accidentally board one of them because they will pass Garraf. Once you've gotten to the Garraf station, the beach is a very short walk away.

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Either will let you save big bucks when you take public transportation. While you can't use the Barcelona Card or Barcelona Card Express to get to the beach of Garraf for free, you'll still be able to travel throughout Barcelona city and save money in the process.

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Garraf beach - The travel by car from Barcelona only takes few minutes

The travel by car from Barcelona only takes few minutes

Travel from Barcelona to the Beach of Garraf

If you plan to travel from Barcelona to Garraf by car, just pass Castelldefels beach and head about another 5 Km. It is interesting to note that Sitges beach is also reasonably nearby. Garraf is only about 11 Km to the north.

The fact that these three beaches are so close to one another means that you could potentially visit all of them during your trip. If you are a beach lover, there is certainly a lot to see just south of the city.

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Garraf beach - This beach is a little hidden treasure

This beach is a little hidden treasure

Why Visit Garraf for Family Tourism?

Garraf family tourism is thriving because this is a quiet beach without a lot of partying going on. Many parents feel more comfortable taking their children here. Also, you can find very shallow water near the shore, and this is an excellent area for kids who want to wade. Parents can relax without having to worry about their children going in too deep. It's also a very clean beach, and the waters are calm.

Garraf is surrounded by the lovely Garraf Natural Park. In this park, you can enjoy walking on trails and biking. This area is also well known for its excellent birdwatching. It also has fascinating limestone scenery including gorges.

The fact that the beach of Garraf, as well as this fantastic park, is just about a 30-minute drive from Barcelona makes it a real asset to the city.

Garraf beach - Guell cellar, or Gaudi Garraf Restaurant

Guell cellar, or Gaudi Garraf Restaurant

Other Activities in the Garraf Area

After going to the beach of Garraf, be sure to check out the Guell Winery or Cellar Guell, which was built by Antoni Gaudi. There is a restaurant on the premises that many tourists enjoy. If you are a fan of this famous architect, you won't want to miss this historic building.

You can also find other interesting archaeological sites and ancient churches in the region. In fact, within the Garraf Natural Park, you can see Olivella, which is a quaint historic village. It contains the beautiful Castle of Olivella as well as many other surprises.

The first Buddhist monastery in Catalonia is also located in Garraf. All these activities and more make this part of Spain perfect for Garraf family tourism.