Enjoying Authentic Food at Restaurant Gaig, the former Fonda Gaig

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Restaurant Gaig (the former Fonda Gaig) ranks among the best restaurants in Barcelona offering Catalan food. Venturing to Barcelona and not sampling traditional Catalan cuisine would truly be a shame! When you are in the city, you have an extensive selection of different Barcelona restaurants to choose from, and it can be tricky to decide where to go every night.

The reason that so many people often have troubling selecting a restaurant is that there are so many good options worthy of consideration. However, we highly recommend putting Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig) at the top of your list.

Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig) - Experience excellent Catalan dishes

Experience excellent Catalan dishes

Showcasing Catalan Cuisine at Its Delicious Best

Any trip to Barcelona should include familiarizing oneself with Catalan cuisine. One establishment that truly shines in this regard is Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig). This establishment takes Catalan basics delivers them packed full of flavor. You’ll find a unique and memorable experience await!

The simple fact is that when it comes to Catalan food, Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig) gets it right. Just one visit will show you why locals and travelers alike say that this is one of their favorite Barcelona restaurants.

Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig) - Fresh ingredients for high quality food

Fresh ingredients for high quality food

Cultivating a Well-Established Tradition of Excellence in Food and Service

Established in 1869 in the Horta neighborhood, Fonda Gaig recently moved to L’Eixample district. Since 2004 it has been in this new location. The restaurant itself is a well-established institution and tradition. The atmosphere is well, comfortable and relaxed and it blends seamlessly with the incredible food. The prior location was renamed Restaurant Gaig; it received a Michelin star in 1993.

At the heart of what makes this place so special is owner Carles Gaig’s attention to detail. No where is this attention to detail more evident than in his selection of the food that is used in the various meals. Like all great chefs and restauranteurs, Carles realizes that fresh ingredients are essential.

He takes great care in overseeing every ingredient that comes into the kitchen; he knows where the ingredients were sourced and what level of quality to expect. Of course, this dedication to the selection of ingredients is very apparent when meals are served to delighted guests.

Why L’Eixample District?

The new location for the restaurant puts it right in the middle of a wide range of popular tourist destinations and activities. In this historic area, you will find everything from modernist architecture to fancy stores.

Attractions like La Pedrera are only about a 15 minute walk away. Since La Sagrada Familia is only about an 8-10 minute car ride from Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig), it would make the perfect end to a day of sightseeing at this amazing landmark.

Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig) - A restaurant with a great menu

A restaurant with a great menu

The Menu Will Grab Your Attention and Refuse to Let Go!

The menu at Restaurant Gaig (the formerFonda Gaig) is special and a real gem amongst Barcelona restaurants. Starters are unusual and intriguing, and include items such as summer truffle cannelloni and sea bass and prawn tartar.

Fish, meat and poultry dishes include charcoal-broiled John Dory fillet, beef steak tartar and prawns from Palamos, which are available both grilled or in a traditional suquet stew. Other offerings include beef tenderloin with potatoes and béarnaise sauce.

Like most Barcelona restaurants, desserts are treated with great care and there are exceptional options to consider. La innovacio de la crema Catalana is a deconstructed Catalan creme brûlée that is sure to please. If you want something that is unlike anything you’ve probably ever tasted before, try the orange caramelized biscuit with coco, mango and pineapple.

There are many other exciting dessert options to consider, and there is a dessert of the day as well. If you love dessert, then its time to get excited as there are ample, tasty and memorable options to consider.

Restaurant Gaig (the former Fonda Gaig) Ranks Among the Best

While there is no doubt that there are more exceptional Barcelona restaurants than you can possibly visit in one trip, it is also true that certain restaurants truly stand out.

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Many travelers find Catalan cuisine to be a true revelation

Don’t forget that this establishment can be very crowded. Those without reservations can easily be left waiting for hours to get a table. Save yourself this trouble and make a reservation ahead of time. It only takes a few seconds to do this, and you can save yourself a lot of headaches. Check out our free restaurant reservation system.

When you stop by Restaurant Gaig (former Fonda Gaig) you’ll be in for a real treat. The menu highlights the best of Catalan cuisine and does so through the lens of high-quality, fresh, local and carefully chosen ingredients.

Dining at this establishment is about attention to detail and pride. You will see that fact reflected in every dish presented and every bite you take; nothing is rushed, and nothing is second best.