Eating a Delightful Food at Euskal Etxea

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Euskal Etxea serves delicious food and tapas and is located in the old city near top Barcelona attractions. It is difficult to emphasis how important, rewarding and enjoyable a trip to Picasso Museum is for travelers. This world renowned museum does more than just showcase the work of one of history’s greatest artists. There are over 3,500 works, and this attraction also serves as a key way to learn more about Picasso and his life. No one should visit Barcelona without stopping by the Picasso Museum.

Of course, while you’re in the area, you will likely want a great dining option. As luck would have it, a true gem on the Barcelona restaurants list can be found in close proximity. If you want to have a Spanish dining experience that is one of the most memorable moments on your trip, then you have to check out Euskal Etxea.

Pintxos and tapas at Euskal Etxea

Pintxos and tapas at Euskal Etxea

Food is Taken Very Seriously

Food is taken seriously in Barcelona, and this has many implications. One is that there is a true emphasis on sourcing local and fresh ingredients. There is no doubt that this makes a huge difference in the food and also why so many people find Spanish dining establishments to be a revelation.

Euskal Etxea does not disappoint in this regard, as food is always fresh and always has a lively and exciting taste.

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Euskal Etxea - A traditional Basque restaurant in Barcelona

A traditional Basque restaurant in Barcelona

Do Not Skip Dessert!

Another implication to the fact that Barcelona takes its food seriously is that desserts are not an afterthought. If you are accustomed to desserts being a quick and overpriced sugar rush, then you’ll love dining in Barcelona.

Euskal Etxea has everything from homemade raspberry pies to French toast with yogurt ice cream and even a chocolate hazelnut ice-cream. The desserts make the most out of fresh ingredients and are in a word, amazing!

If you want to have a truly memorable day in Barcelona, then stop by the Picasso Museum, give yourself plenty of time to explore, absorb and enjoy and then venture on to Euskal Etxea. Trust us, this is a great way to spend one of your days in Barcelona!

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Euskal Etxea - Basque tavern located at the heart of Barcelona

Basque tavern located at the heart of Barcelona

Saving Money on Dining in Barcelona

If you are not careful, you can spend more money than you can afford to on Barcelona restaurants. It’s easy to just keep eating and eating. One suggestion for saving money is to get the Barcelona Card.

This card provides discounts on restaurants throughout the city. You will also save on attractions, entertainment and shopping. Plus, public transportation and some of the most important museums are free to those who purchase this card. Many tourists recommend the Barcelona card to their friends as one of their top recommendations when visiting the city.

Due to its delicious food and fantastic location, this restaurant gets busy very fast. If you want to eat a meal at Euskal Etxea, don’t forget to make reservations.

Combining a trip to the Picasso Museum with Euskal Etxea is a truly fantastic way to create a memorable travel experience. In short, you’ll feel as though you’ve received a real taste of all that Barcelona has to offer.

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The main entrance of Euskal Etxea

The main entrance of Euskal Etxea

This Restaurant Doesn’t Disappoint

Euskal Etxea is something special. First of all, this is a place that is usually populated by locals and not tourists. This is part of what helps to give this Spanish dining establishment an exceptional and unique feel.

If you want to feel as though you are getting to see more of the real Barcelona and spend less time on the typical beaten path of tourists, then you’ll want to sit down and enjoy a very good meal at this lovely restaurant.

Euskal Etxea - The "Pintxos" bar

The "Pintxos" bar

The Basque Tradition is Embraced

Euskal Etxea takes great pride in what they do and the Basque tradition of their food. If you love variety, then you come to the right place as there are a whopping 80 options on the menu!

Homemade is a word that applies to the food served, and you’ll easily see while this restaurant stands out on the Barcelona restaurants list!

Euskal Etxea - Interior view of the restaurant

Interior view of the restaurant

A Diverse, Fresh and Impressive Menu

There are many different Starter options that you can enjoy including marinated red tuna, cured ham and a very unusual and tasty homemade croquette option that uses both salted cod and cured ham.

Like so many Barcelona restaurants, Euskal Etxea has plenty of fish on the menu and the options are always fresh and vibrant.