Enjoy a Traditional Meal at El Vell Sarria

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El Vell Sarria is certainly among the top restaurants in Barcelona. Finding the best Barcelona restaurants can make a real difference in your trip. The quality of restaurants in the city is very high overall, and there are great dining options at every price point. Around the world, Barcelona is known for many great things. At the very top of the list are its large number of quality restaurants and dining options.

One of the key reasons that Barcelona restaurants are so good is the access that locals get to fresh ingredients. Whether it is seafood or olive oil, chefs get to use some of the world’s finest ingredients, and this shows in the final product.

El Vell Sarria - Great atmosphere in a traditional barcelona district

Great atmosphere in a traditional barcelona district

El Vell Sarria Presents a Highly Delicious and Diverse Menu

The diversity of the menu at El Vell Sarria is yet another feather in the restaurant’s cap. The highly diverse menu offers up everything from wild boar dishes to its famous rice dishes to some truly exceptional desserts. People often return again and again just for the desserts!

The restaurant also has excellent dessert options ranging from sherbets made with Catalan creme to drunk cakes and even homemade confectionery. Like most people, once you’ve dined here, you’ll want to return again and again!

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El Vell Sarria - Reserve your table and enjoy an excellent meal

Reserve your table and enjoy an excellent meal

Planning Your Visit

Those who dine at El Vell Sarria feel that it does a great job of showcasing the best of Barcelona restaurants. This is the kind of restaurant that helps diners create perfect travel memories. As you can probably imagine, dining at this establishment is a sought after experience.

For this reason it is prudent to use our free restaurant reservation system to book a table in advance. Sarria is lovely, but it is a little off the beaten path, as it isn't right near the most popular Barcelona attractions.

So why travel all the way to this dining location without a reservation? It could end up leaving you hungry and disappointed. To make sure you have a top quality experience, it is highly recommended that you make reservations ahead of time.

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El Vell Sarria’s Wood Burning Stove

Another way that this establishment continues to distinguish itself as one of the top restaurants in Barcelona even amongst the fierce competition is that all of the food is prepared in a wood fired stove. Few Barcelona restaurants still prepare all of their food in this traditional manner, and you will definitely taste the difference.

El Vell Sarria serves one of the best rice dishes in barcelona

El Vell Sarria serves one of the best rice dishes in barcelona

The Dishes of El Vell Sarria

When traveling in Barcelona, it is a must to try as many different types of restaurants as you can. El Vell Sarria is an establishment that truly knows how to make the most out of the fresh and local ingredients that Barcelona and the surrounding areas can provide.

This fact comes shining through when it comes to seafood! There are all kinds of fresh fish on the menu, and this includes such specialities as cod served with sanfaina, au gratin with ceps fragance or served grilled with escalivada. Rice dishes, such as their delicious sea rice and sea/mountain rice, have options that include prawns and crayfish are also well worth the trip.

In fact, El Vell Sarria might just have some of the best rice dishes that you will find in all of Barcelona. Yes, these dishes are that good and that are even quite famous throughout the region. If you want to try some heavenly Catalan rice dishes, then this establishment is an easy choice!

El Vell Sarria - Traditional dishes in an old farmhouse with a wood burning stove

Traditional dishes in an old farmhouse with a wood burning stove

Enjoy A Great Atmosphere

El Vell Sarria is located in a country farm house dating back to 1745 and overlooks Sarria main square. This is definitely one dining experience that you will never forget.

The restaurant itself has a great feel to it and makes the most of its excellent view. The Town Hall is near by, and there are plenty of good people watching options to be found.

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