Eating at Dos Palillos Barcelona

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Dos Palillos Barcelona is a rather unique establishment that has recently been awarded a Michelin Star. We recommend it highly as one of the Barcelona restaurants you should check out during your trip. It's located in the Raval neighborhood on the ground floor of a hotel called Casa Camper.

This means it is easily accessible by anyone visiting Las Ramblas or visiting Plaza Catalunya. Dos Palillos prides itself on serving Asian food with a Spanish influence.

Dos Palillos Barcelona - Albert Raurich, former Chef of El Bulli 1997-2007

Albert Raurich, former Chef of El Bulli 1997-2007

From a World Famous Restauranteur

One of the claims to fame for Dos Palillos Barcelona is the fact that its founder Albert Raurich was the former chef de cuisine at El Bulli. This establishment, located near Roses in Catalonia, was considered the best in the world!

El Bulli earned Michelin 3 stars, but later closed down due to the fact that it was operating at a loss. However, Raurich clearly used much of what he learned at El Bulli to create this new establishment.

Using many traditional cooking methods, Dos Palillos seeks to explore the similarities between Spanish food and Asian food all within the boundaries of Spanish fine dining. You will see influences from Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and others. Food is served Tapas style, so be prepared for small portions. If you are wondering about the name Dos Palillos, it means "two toothpicks".

This name is seeking to compare the fact that people in Spain will eat tapas with toothpicks, but in Asia chopsticks are used. As the website points out, "two pure and basic utensils which are primitive and minimal in design yet modern at the same time". There are other similarities between Spanish and Asian food as well, for example, an emphasis on small plates and a tendency to serve raw foods.

Dos Palillos Barcelona - The Asian Bar

The Asian Bar

A Memorable Dining Atmosphere

When you think about all of your Spanish fine dining experiences, Dos Palillos Barcelona will likely stand out. The atmosphere is very creative and offers patrons more than what they may expect.

The front area looks like a traditional bar in Spain, but if you go into the back of the restaurant you will find a food bar with an Asian style. There is also an open kitchen, which allows diners to see their food being prepared.

Dos Palillos gives diners a true experience unlike anything else they could find in the world. Clearly, food is an art form for the chefs, and they want diners to eat food that is new and unexpected.

Dos Palillos Barcelona - Partial view of the terrace

Partial view of the terrace

Getting to Dos Palillos Barcelona

This is one of the Barcelona restaurants that you can easily get to from Plaza Catalunya. Simply walk through Las Rambles to find it. Dos Palillos is in the Raval neighborhood. If you are driving, you should consider parking at La Boqueria or Plaza Catalunya since the restaurant doesn't have its own parking.

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Visiting La Boqueria Market

If you are interested in learning more about Spanish cuisine beyond just going to Barcelona restaurants, be sure to visit La Boqueria. This historic market will give you insight into all of the best flavors in Spain.

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And, yes, you will get to participate in the best part -sampling some food! So spend an afternoon at the food emporiums, but save your appetite so you can head over to Dos Palillos Barcelona for dinner.