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Claris Hotel Barcelona is a 5 star hotel that has a tremendous amount to offer its guests. Some of the features found at the Claris Hotel are real eye-openers and will leave you feeling as though you have gotten a good value for the money. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits you will receive if you select it.

One of the excellent amenities you will enjoy at the Claris is the impressive rooftop terrace, which is well worth the visit and can serve as a good unwinding spot after a long day of traveling. Another big plus for staying at the Claris Hotel Barcelona is the people. The staff isn’t just an afterthought at Claris Hotel. This aspect is a real perk to staying at this establishment. The friendly, multilingual and international staff specializes in helping weary travelers adjust and sent out in the right direction. It is even possible to get assistance booking tours and more.

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Hotels in Barcelona, Spain - Perfect for Business Travelers

Business travelers will particularly enjoy the fact that there is a fully functioning business center, a bar and lounge area that is good for informal meetings and discussions and high speed Internet. The conference room is also what one would expect from a 5 star hotel. The limo and town car service is a good deal and always punctual. Best of all, drivers know Barcelona quite well and can make a myriad of recommendations on a range of topics. If you are traveling for business, the odds are excellent that you’ll like what Claris Hotel Barcelona can offer.

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The Top Hotels in Barcelona, Spain Have the Very Best Locations

Many Barcelona 5 star hotels thrive on their location. Those with the best locations, such as the Claris Hotel, get booked far in advance. At the Claris Hotel, both Las Ramblas and Placa de Catalunya are short walks away, and the nearest metro stop is less than a five minute walk.

Every Amenity You Will Likely Need, Delivered Via a Helpful Staff

The rooms at Claris Hotel are also what one would expect from the best of Barcelona 5 star hotels. Rooms are consistently clean, and air conditioning is standard as is Wi-Fi in rooms and satellite television. Again, the service shines and this holds true for in room service as well.

Those interested in dining at the hotel will find that Claris Hotel Barcelona exceeds expectations. Of course, if you want to go to a restaurant, there are a myriad of delicious options that are just a short walk away. For those traveling on business, this level of convenience is a major plus.

In a hotel so packed with amenities and attention to detail, it would be easy to overlook the beauty of this hotel. Art is both diverse and ubiquitous at Claris Hotel Barcelona. With over 120 rooms, the Claris Hotel is not the largest of the hotels in Barcelona, Spain, but it feels just right in almost every way.

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Don’t Wait to the Last Minute to Book at the Claris Hotel

Anyone who has ever attempted to find a hotel room at the last moment knows just how difficult the process can be. If you are not traveling to a global travel hotspot or you are traveling offseason, then finding a hotel room usually isn’t too difficult. But Barcelona is completely different when it comes to finding and booking a good quality hotel room.

Hotels in Barcelona, Spain, even Barcelona 5 star hotels, have a tendency of getting booked very quickly and well in advance. Many travelers wait to the last minute assuming that this is a big city so there will be plenty of open options for where to stay. They are then quite shocked to discover just how far in advance good hotels get booked.

So don’t let this happen to you, whether you opt for a top-notch establishment like the Claris Hotel Barcelona or select another hotel, it is imperative that you use a hotel reservation service to book your hotel rooms. You can book a hotel or any Barcelona accommodation here, but you should also book in advance. Even hotels outside of Barcelona have a tendency of being snapped up!