How to Find the Best Cheap Hotels in Barcelona

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Find and book the best cheap hotels in Barcelona and surrounding areas. When you are visiting the city, the last thing you might want to do is blow all of your money on lodging, and that is why cheap hotels make lots of sense. But in this busy metropolitan area, there is more than just one or two options for where to stay at a reasonable rate.

Best Hotel Deals in Barcelona

You can choose from everything from discount hotels in Barcelona to bed and breakfasts and hostels. Looking for hotels near Barcelona airport? Want to book a last minute hotel in Barcelona? We have the best hotel deals in Barcelona. You can book cheap hotels at, or near Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya, city center, on the beach, and also a Barcelona airport hotel. You will find out that you don't have to break the bank to book hotels in Barcelona, Spain.

Cheap Hotels in Barcelona - Lowest price for hostels in Barcelona

There are several hostels in downtown and around the city

Your Cheapest Option - Barcelona Hostels

When you think of Barcelona hostels, you might immediately think of a rundown place for broke college students to stay with a shared rooms and dirty bathrooms. Perhaps you are worried that you are too old for a hostel.

However, the wide variety of hostels in Barcelona go way beyond that outdated idea. As it turns out, hostels are the cheapest place to stay in Barcelona, and they can indeed offer a pleasant experience. If you are looking for a low budget accommodation in Barcelona, then a hostel is your choice.

Many Barcelona hostels give you an option of a private room or a shared room. If you can spend just a little more money, you will get a room all to yourself. Further, you can find hostels that give you a private bathroom. There are also added advantages such as free breakfasts, wifi and internet, televisions, full kitchens and relaxing lounge areas.

Another major benefit of these Cheap Hotels in Barcelona is that many of them are in fantastic locations. For example, you can find them in Placa Catalunya or Passeig de Gracia right in the center of the action! Staying at one of the Barcelona hostels will also give you the opportunity to meet fellow travelers and make new friends.

Good Deals for Hostels Near Barcelona Attractions


Cheap Hotels in Barcelona - Cheap B&B in Barcelona

You may book a Bed and Breakfast in Las Ramblas or the Gothic Quarter

Budget-Friendly Option - Barcelona Bed and Breakfast

Another option to explore for Cheap Hotels in Barcelona is bed and breakfast. These guest houses, which are often called "Hostales" or "Pensiones," can be found if you can spend just a little more than you would for a hostel.

One of the best things about a Barcelona Bed and Breakfast is that you will typically find a quiet relaxing atmosphere with hosts who genuinely care about your experience. They will often be more than happy to give you all kinds of travel advice and tips.

You will also be able to take advantage of a spacious environment, as a Barcelona Bed and Breakfast will often offer a full dining room, television, wifi, and even air conditioning. Some are set in beautiful old buildings where you can enjoy a historic atmosphere. You can also find large rooms with balconies and closets.

Again, location is key, and it is easy to find these discount hotels in Barcelona in great locations. You will find cheap accommodation in Barcelona at city centre, Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya, on the beach, and even near El Prat Barcelona airport.

Best Prices for Barcelona B&B


Cheap hotels in Barcelona

Book in advance to find hotels at great locations with excellent rates

Best Choices for Cheap Hotels in Barcelona

Another option for Budget Hotels in Barcelona is to find accommodations that have 1-3 star ratings. Just because a hotel has a lower rating doesn't mean that it is unclean or unsafe. The fact of the matter is that some of these discount hotels in Barcelona are rated in this manner simply because they are not quite as luxurious.

But aren't you visiting Barcelona to see the various attractions and not just to hang out in your hotel room? If so, this factor may not matter very much to you!

When you are looking for cheap hotels, you don't have to sacrifice everything you are seeking either. Some of these options are located in key areas like Passeig de Gracia, Las Ramblas, Gothic Quarter and Plaza Catalunya, where you can be in the heart of the city. You can find clean, smoke-free hotels that offer comfortable bedrooms, knowledgeable staff members, and even free breakfast.

If you can spend a little more money on your hotels in Barcelona, you can consider booking a 3-star hotel. You will still get a great deal.

Three-star discount hotels in Barcelona offer upgraded amenities such as fancier buildings, safe deposit boxes, larger rooms, business centers, restaurants on the premises, and air conditioning.

A braod selection of budget hotels in Barcelona, Spain


Cheap, last minute hotels in Barcelona with

Deals for Last Minute Bookings

We never stop to advise you should book your Barcelona hotel in advance. Barcelona city is a bustling hub almost year round. Not only because of people doing tourism in Barcelona, but also due to various events like fairs, congresses, music festivals, and others.

However, if you have waited until the last minute but want to take advantage of cheap accommodation in Barcelona city centre, or wherever, you will be happy to hear that it is not too late. Just click on the following link: Last Minute Cheap Hotels in Barcelona