Relax, Dine and Dance at CDLC Barcelona

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Visit CDLC Barcelona and see how famous athletes party. Anyone who visits Barcelona quickly realizes that it has an abundance of different faces. In short, Barcelona is far from being a one-dimensional city. Culture runs deep, and it can be seen at every turn and in every single way that you might endeavor to find entertainment. Barcelona nightlife is no exception, as there is a seemingly endless variety.

The nightlife of some cities can seem rather uniform and, as a result, over time become quite dull and uninteresting, but this is not the case with Barcelona. The offerings are impressively diverse and still growing to this day. A fine example of all that nightclubs in Barcelona have to offer comes from CDLC Barcelona.

Carpe Diem Lounge Club - This Barcelona Nightlife Gem is Star Powered

CDLC Barcelona is a, simply stated, a genuine treat. "CDLC" is an abbreviation for Carpe Diem Lounge Club, which in and of itself gives visitors a good idea of what they can expect. As most people know, the term "carpe diem" means seize the day. You can do just that at this spectacular club.

CDLC club was created and opened by former FC Barcelona star Patrick Kluivert. If you are unfamiliar with football in Barcelona, let’s just pause to state that it is a very, very big deal. How big of a deal? FC Barcelona has a museum and it is one of the most visited attractions in the city. It draws millions of visitors each year. A club opened by a former FC Barcelona star is sure to get a good deal of attention.

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Enjoy Fine Dining and Environment

The star power of CDLC Barcelona has helped ensure that it draws in a hip and well-dressed crowd. The club has great food which draws on many different cuisines ranging from Asian to Moroccan to Mediterranean and more. The quality of the food is exceptional, and CDLC will leave you wanting more.

Of course, there is more to CDLC than just the food; after all, club is in the name. There are fun Bedouin style tents that blend with the dance floor, and a great deal of attention went into the VIP section.

CDLC has been infused with style and lots of it. This aspect may lead many to miss some of its more charming and well thought out touches. If you want a comfortable environment, then CDLC certainly delivers. The designers very cleverly thought about creating a high level of comfort for guests.

Comfortable seating and relaxing lighting are everywhere. Those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere will find CDLC Barcelona to be the perfect spot for Barcelona nightlife.

Want Great Port Olimpic Views?

Located in the beautiful Port Olimpic area, CDLC Barcelona will surprise many. The food is excellent, the location offers wonderful ocean views, there is easy access to the beach and the environment is just lovely at night. These factors combine flawlessly with CDLC’s expertly thought out and constructed interior. It isn’t just elegant and beautiful, but calming and relaxing. With the music pumping, that is no easy feat.

When you are visiting Barcelona, Port Olimpic is definitely an area you need to put on your agenda. This part of the city was built up in time for the 1992 Olympics. Today, it is a very active and lively area full of beach fun, restaurants, bars and, of course, nightlife.

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Selecting Your Nighttime Experiences

Do you have a plethora of Barcelona nightlife options? No doubt there are many different nightclubs in Barcelona to choose from, but CDLC Barcelona truly does stand out.

However, you will likely want to visit a variety of clubs so you can get a full idea of what Barcelona nightlife is all about. That's why we strongly recommend the Barcelona Night Card. With this amazing card, you can enter a long list of clubs for free as long as you arrive before 2am. Believe it or not, 23 different clubs are on the list!

Visitors will find that CDLC has much to offer, and this club is highly recommended for one of your first couple of nights in town. CDLC can be a highly energetic place if you want it to be. Or, if you prefer, it can be a relaxing experience. This combination is tough to find in any city and at any price. Visit CDLC Barcelona, you won’t regret it!