Catwalk Barcelona in Port Olimpic

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Catwalk Barcelona makes Barcelona nightlife just a little brighter. Catwalk is one of the largest clubs to be found in the Port Olimpic area. Those looking for all the excitement and fun of a large nightclub will find it to be nothing short of irresistible.

Why? What is it that makes Catwalk such a consistent attraction? Let’s take a closer look at why so many people have given their stamp of approval to this club. Nightlife in the city is a big deal. Those who haven’t ventured here before are often surprised by the scope, intensity and variety of Barcelona nightlife and Catwalk only adds to this growing reputation.

Barcelona loves to party big and this club certainly helps. With a capacity of roughly 1,000 people on two floors and two different areas, you can be sure that you will feel as though you are in the hottest spot in the entire city.

What Can You Do in Port Olimpic?

Port Olimpic is one of the areas that you simply must visit during your trip. This exciting part of town was recently revitalized in time for the 1992 Olympics. Not only can you enjoy a great beach with lots of action, but also there is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and of course, nightclubs.

So spend some time at the beach and eat a nice dinner. Then once it has gotten late enough, head over to Catwalk Barcelona for a highly memorable night of dancing and drinking.

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The Two Faces of Catwalk Barcelona

The first floor of Catwalk houses a large dance floor that is always energetic and vibrant. There are ample seating options available, which only serves to make Catwalk even more addictive, as there are endless opportunities for people watching, relaxing and taking in some great music.

Upstairs you’ll find a more relaxed environment. If you want somewhere to just hang out and catch up with friends or talk with new Barcelona friends, then upstairs is a fantastic spot. The upstairs area of is often called the Sky Room.

The seating is extremely comfortable and there is a very large red couch that makes the Sky Room section a fun way to pass the early hours of the morning.

A Young and Fashionable Clientele

What should you expect from the crowd at Catwalk Barcelona? Some of Barcelona’s trendsetters make this place a frequent stop on their party rounds of clubs in Barcelona. Expect to see a lot of young and attractive Barcelona residents mingling. In short, the young and hip put on their trendiest clothes and dance the night away at Catwalk.

While fashion is on definitely a key element of life at this club, the overall environment is in not an unfriendly one. There are VIP areas, which are remarkably well kept. In fact, the VIP area at Catwalk is a treat and a great area for meeting up with friends. This area is near the dance floor, which is brilliant, as you never feel as though you are somehow removed from all the action!

Adding Great Music to Barcelona Nightlife

What about the music at Catwalk Barcelona, you ask? Downstairs expect to hear a lot of electronic and house music that can be pretty loud. Many big name DJs make their way through Catwalk and you can always be sure that whoever is DJ’ing is sure to be talented.

Upstairs in the Sky Room, the sounds may be a little more mixed as the room itself has something of a retro style. Funk and even R&B may be on the playlist.

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Lots of Variety Packed Into One Club

When you visit Catwalk Barcelona, you should definitely check out both the downstairs and the upstairs areas. In a very real sense, it is like getting to visit two clubs at the same time. Taking the time to check out both faces of this club really makes the experience a much more vibrant and memorable one.

Barcelona nightlife is remarkably diverse and Catwalk Barcelona manages to stand out even in this competitive crowd. Your trip to this iconic Barcelona nightlife fixture will be well worth the price of admission.

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