Visiting the Magnificent Casa Batllo - Interior and Roof

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Casa Batllo is a modernist house that was created by Antoni Gaudi. It is considered to be one of his masterpieces. The design is viewed by many to be quite radical with its daring colors, modernist style and an intriguing use of light. This building is one of the top places to visit in Barcelona. It's located right in the center of the Paseo de Gracia.

Casa Batllo - Some details of the roof and chimneys

Some details of the roof and chimneys

Touring This Beautiful House

No tour of Barcelona architecture is complete without visiting this marvel. When visiting the building, you will be welcomed into various places inside the house including the Noble Floor. This floor is where the Batllo family once lived. A tour also includes a visit to the Loft, where the laundry rooms and store rooms were once located, and the Roof Terrace.

Many people come to the Batllo house to see in person the four chimneys and what is often referred to as the "dragon backbone," which is made up of tiles of different colors and decorated with an inventive mosaic technique.

While some visitors believe the roof resembles a dragon, others see a colorful fish. There is a lovely view from the roof terrace and is an excellent place to end the tour.

Visitors to Batllo house receive an audio guide in a smartphone with augmented reality, that is rich in information about this unique structure and how it fits into the world of Barcelona architecture. Leave about an hour to enjoy the entire tour.

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Casa Batllo - A musical performance in this house is an unforgettable experience

A musical performance in this house is an unforgettable experience

Enjoying Performances

In the summer, there are musical performances or "Magic Nights" on the terrace and noble floor of the house, which features a different performance each night. This event is a romantic program that truly awakens the senses of sight and sound. You can "relax under the stars" and enjoy a welcome drink.

Barcelona Budget sells tickets for both daytime visits to Casa Batllo as well as for "Magic Nights." Tourists have commented that either of these experiences is truly unforgettable. Plus, when you buy our tickets, you will be able to skip the lines.

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The upper façade of Casa Batllo

The upper façade of the house

Casa Batllo - A Showcase of True Creative Freedom

This building was first built between 1875-1877, and Gaudi worked on it between 1904-1906 at the request of Josep Batllo. This wealthy textile industrialist greatly admired Gaudi's work. This house only recently opened to the public in 2002. This year was also the International Year of Gaudi.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the year that Antoni Gaudi was born, the Barcelona Municipal Government launched this celebration of the architect's Barcelona architecture. At the time, the Queen inaugurated the International Year of Gaudi, making it official. Authorities made sure that the opening of the house coincided perfectly.

Just three years later, the building was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2004, the Battlo house received the Europa Nostra prize that recognizes the best conservation of architectural heritage. This building is a perfect example of "Modernisme," and Antoni Gaudi is clearly the leader of this movement.

For years, restoration work was being done to reveal the true splendor of the house. The facade is made from a mosaic of glass pieces and ceramics. Other materials were used including stone, wood, glass, and iron. When choosing materials, Gaudi clearly put in a great deal of thought, planning, and creativity.

You will find a fascinating level of detail on both the inside and outside of the building. Many say that the colors on the building remind them of a coral reef in the ocean.

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Paseo de Gracia and Barcelona Architecture

The famous block in Paseo de Gracia where the Batllo building is located is called "La Manzana de la Discordia" or the Block of Discord. This name is due to the fact that there is such a striking difference in styles between the various architects.

Casa Batllo is on the same street as other important places to visit in Barcelona such as Casa Lleo Morera and Casa Amatller. The Barcelona Bus Turistic conveniently stops right at this attraction. While the admission to the house can add up, Barcelona Budget provides occasional discounts to a walking tour showcasing Modernism in the Eixample district.

In addition to seeing the house, this tour will take you to other impressive works of Barcelona architecture including Casa Mila, which is another work by Antoni Gaudi.

During this tour, you will learn a great deal about this influential artistic movement, and you will be amazed at the diversity of buildings in Paseo de Gracia.