Why You Should Consider Camping in Barcelona

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Considering Camping in Barcelona as an alternative to hotels. There is no shortage of wonderful things to do and see in Barcelona. Most people are, in fact, quite shocked to learn that Barcelona is actually very close to a variety of not just wildlife areas, but camping sites as well.

In fact, there are ample opportunities for camping in Barcelona that can be used to both save money on hotels in Barcelona, Spain and allow you to spend a little time out in nature. If you decide to camp, get ready for a big surprise as Barcelona is near some truly impressive natural wonders.

Just a short bus, car or train ride can get you there. It is no wonder so many people consistently flock to Barcelona for their vacations! Let’s take a look at some of the best options.

Partial view of El Masnou beach

Partial view of El Masnou beach

Camping in Barcelona - The North Coast

There are camping sites on the north coast of Barcelona. One good choice is Camping El Masnou. Like most of the camping areas near Barcelona, El Masnou is easy to reach.

It is quite important to realize that it can be directly accessed via train. This makes a trip to El Masnou an easy one! Best of all, there is even a modern and pleasant swimming pool area.

Camping 3 Estrellas is located at few minute from Barcelona

Camping 3 Estrellas is located at few minute from Barcelona

Camping in Barcelona - The South Coast

It is hard to argue with all that 3 Estrellas Camping Site has to offer. The prices are very reasonable for cabins. The end result is a very affordable alternative to hotels in Barcelona, Spain.

If you are planning a longer stay in Barcelona, which is advisable considering all that there is to do in the city, then you might want to strongly consider penciling in a few days of camping. Think of all the money you will save! Don’t forget that this is cash that you could spend on visiting attractions, shopping or dining out at some of the city’s best restaurants.

Another south coast gem to consider comes in the form of camping in Sitges. This is yet another very affordable option for camping in Barcelona. Located just 2 km from downtown Sitges and a mere 700m from the beach, this campsite isn’t just a money saving option, but also a great time.

Sitges is one of the more picturesque and charming spots near or around Barcelona, and the cabins and bungalows are quite pleasant. Bungalows can sleep two and four people and some have air conditioning. If you are thinking that “roughing it” means sweating it out in the woods, then you might want to give the camping options at Sitges a good, long look. Topping it all off there is free Wi-Fi too!

El Vedado campsite in the mountains

El Vedado campsite in the mountains

Camping in the Barcelona Mountains

Yes, Barcelona has mountains and lots of them! Those unfamiliar with the city are often very shocked by the gorgeous mountain views. So why not venture out into those mountains? A truly exceptional way to feel as though you’ve gotten away from it all is to visit Camping El Vedado, which offers low camping prices.

Hotels in Barcelona, Spain can be quite wonderful and no shortage of top notch options are out there. However, for those on a budget and travelers who want to enjoy an extended stay in Barcelona and sample many different regions, exploring the different possibilities for camping in Barcelona is a good idea.

If you want to divide up your trip between staying in hotels in the city and camping, you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Just remember to book hotels in Barcelona, Spain far in advance. Whether you are staying at an inexpensive hotel or a 5 star hotel, the options get booked up fast pretty much any time of the year.

Don’t interfere with your vacation by neglecting to book. Book Accommodation in Barcelona at the Best Rates.

Camping in Barcelona allows travelers to visit areas that they might otherwise miss and explore even more than they normally would. Additionally, the money that you can save by camping could be spent on fun Barcelona attractions, and there are no shortage of those.

You might get to enjoy some amazing meals at Barcelona’s long list of incredible restaurants that you would otherwise miss. If you plan on spending very little time in your hotel room, then why not opt for a few nights at a campsite?