Why Plan a Trip to Caldetes Beach?

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Caldetes Beach is probably one of the most famous beaches close to Barcelona. A key reason behind this fact is that this lovely beach is a relatively short drive from many points in Barcelona. Other factors making Caldetes a huge draw include a great kid's playground and a range of outdoor activities including a volleyball court and many other options.

You will enjoy calm waters and golden sand. Not only is this an exciting and versatile location, but it is also quite close to the city.

Caldetes beach is a short trip from plaza catalunya in barcelona

Caldetes is a short trip from plaza catalunya in barcelona

Travel from Barcelona to Caldetes Beach

You can take a train ride to Caldetes in less than an hour. That means that travel from Barcelona to Caldetes is convenient and fast. You can get the R1 train from Plaza Catalunya. You can usually expect to see about 3-4 trains per hour.

You will find that Caldetes is a tranquil little village that will let you sit back and relax. If you want to take a short breather from the big city, then a few hours in Caldetes could be exactly what you need, because it is among the best beaches close to Barcelona.

Caldetes and the consistent great weather in the region help to plan a visit

Caldetes and the consistent great weather in the region help to plan a visit

Why is Barcelona Such a Great Location for Beaches?

Why is it that year after year people from all around the world flock to Barcelona? The city has remained a wildly popular travel destination, and its popularity is only increasing. Here are some of the key reasons that Barcelona has remained such an attractive travel destination for beach lovers.

1) The Weather

Stating that Barcelona has “great weather” doesn’t really do the city’s climate justice. Summer temperatures are cooler than people expect, yet still warm and sunny, and winter temperatures are very mild. The bottom line is that you can travel to Barcelona year round.

2) Sunny Days

Just as Barcelona has lots of warm days, it also has a remarkable number of sunny days. It is no coincidence that people from all around the world want to retire or get a second home in Barcelona. Vacation rentals at Caldetes are popular and only getting hotter.

3) Fantastic Beaches

What could make the warm weather and sunny days in Barcelona any better? The answer is a seemingly endless number of excellent beaches. Of the beaches in Spain near Barcelona, Caldetes truly is one of the best, and you shouldn't miss it!

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Discover Vacation Rentals in Caldetes Beach

You can find excellent holiday resorts close to Barcelona, including beach resorts, beach apartments, and villas. There are several choices in Caldetes and the neighbor towns. Vacation rentals in Caldetes are quite plentiful, and there are definitely excellent options. Finding the perfect holiday villa is worth the time.

Finding that perfect holiday beach villa can actually be an easy experience: Vacation Rentals at Caldetes Beach

The beach of Caldetes stands out as one of the best Barcelona, Spain, beaches for many reasons. There is plenty to do, as the area has lots of great waves! You will also find excellent people watching and good restaurants and bars in the area. Combine these factors with beach’s easy access to all of Barcelona, and you have a true travel gem.

Partial view of the town Caldes d'Estrac (also known as "Caldetes") and the tower Torre dels Encantats on the hill

Partial view of the town Caldes d'Estrac (also known as "Caldetes") and the tower Torre dels Encantats on the hill

The Beach of Caldetes is Wildly Popular for Many Reasons

There is no doubting that part of what makes this beach a consistent favorite is that there are plenty of ways to relax. Since this is one of the best beaches near Barcelona, it can become a little crowded from time to time. This is, in part, because it is less than a kilometer long. Despite its size and popularity, the beach looks picture perfect.

Many people love Caldetes for water sports related activities, such as surfing and kayaking. Parts of Caldetes offers stronger currents and larger waves than some other beaches in the area. The end result is that you can always find great action out on the water as well as on the beach!

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Caldetes Offers Plenty of Restaurants and Bars

A benchmark in determining the best Barcelona beaches is whether or not it has restaurants and bars; after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a cold drink beachside on a hot day? Caldetes has plenty of top-notch restaurant and bar offerings.

Using our free restaurant reservation system is a good idea as restaurants tend to book up far in advance. Remember that lots of people travel from Barcelona to Caldetes and are looking for a good meal at the end of the day.