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Calafell beach family tourism is booming, as this is an excellent area for children. Do you want to get away for a while and explore during your stay in Barcelona? Are you seeking to experience all that Barcelona's incredible beaches have to offer? One enjoyable and easy way to make this happen is to take a short drive south of Barcelona to the tranquil beach of Calafell.

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Looking for Calafell Accommodation?

If you want to spend some relaxing days at the beautiful beach of Calafell, then we suggest booking in advance either an apartment for the family or a hotel near the beach.

There are several vacation rental options in Calafell, so get the best deals with just a little planning before your trip. Our advice is not to arrive in Calafell without a reservation. You may risk not to find any available accommodation, which is not suitable for a family with children.

We offer excellent accommodation options in Calafell, at various price levels, from cozy Calafell apartments to multiple hotels, in front of or near the beach of Calafell.

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Calafell beach is easy to reach from Barcelona

Calafell is easy to reach from Barcelona

Travel from Barcelona to Calafell

When you travel from Barcelona to Calafell, you will find the route is fast and efficient. The beach of Calafell is about an hour's drive from Barcelona, but that trip will probably seem shorter due to all the lovely scenery. You can also take the train from Barcelona to Calafell which usually takes about one hour too. The station is close to the beach.

If you are staying in Barcelona city center, you can take the Renfe train R2 at Passeig de Gracia station, which is a just 10-minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya. Of course, you can also catch this train in Barcelona Sants, the central train station. There is a train every half an hour from Barcelona to Calafell.

Either way, you’ll be glad you made the trip once you see what the beach of Calafell has to offer! The area is also a favorite with families. So you will find that there is an infrastructure built up around the concept of Calafell family tourism.

Calafell beach is ideal for long and pleasant walks

This beach is ideal for long and pleasant walks

Long Walks on the Beach? Calafell Has You Covered!

Now, more about that wonderful beach of Calafell! What makes it so great? First of all, this beach feels calmer in many ways that some of the beaches in Barcelona. That makes it a perfect fit for people looking to escape the city for the day and get some tranquility.

But it gets even better. The beach of Calafell is large. In fact, the beach comes in at 5km! If you want to be able to take a long walk on the beach and unwind, then you might find that Calafell is precisely what you need.

The size of the beach also helps make it a smart pick for families, and thus the vacation rental options in Calafell are plentiful and growing. You can select a lovely little house or condo right near the beach.

Calafell beach - The medieval castle of Santa Creu

The medieval castle of Santa Creu

Castles and Ancient Roman Ruins Await

Shopping, and, in particular, large shopping areas, are minimal in this region, which helps keep the whole area of the beach of Calafell feeling calmer and more relaxed. Adding to this region's considerable and enduring charm is the romantic castle perched perfectly on top of a hill.

If you want to visit the castle, it is just a short walk from the train station, and it makes for some excellent picture taking opportunities! Another location that is great for picture taking and some memories are the remains of Vilarenc. This Roman villa is ancient, as in 2,000 years old! You will, in short, feel as though you’ve been transported back in time.

If you want to make sure that you get those “postcard” moments during your trip to Barcelona, Spain or Europe then be sure to check this area out as it has a magical feeling. This is another attraction that is well suited for Calafell family tourism.

PortAventura and Costa Caribe Park

PortAventura Theme Park and Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

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PortAventura Park and Costa Caribe Aquatic Park are Perfect Locations for the Family

Calafell family tourism is taken very seriously. There are play areas for children and a range of amenities designed to make life a bit easier for travel-weary parents.

One fact about the beach of Calafell that many people overlook is that it is also a good jumping off point for additional adventures. Drive about another 40 miles south, and you will reach all the entertainment of the PortAventura area. Most Barcelona visitors miss this gem. It is located in Tarragona and near the impressive and calm beaches of Costa Daurada.

A key factor in your Calafell family tourism strategy is its access to PortAventura Park. This park features six different areas based on various global geography including Mexico, China, Far West and more. Each area has different rides, activities, attractions and a range of entertainment. Much of what is offered is geared towards children.

Do you want a fun day with the kids? It is tough to beat a trip to PortAventura Park! There is even nearby aquatic attraction, Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, that is a true hit during the warm summer months!

The variety of the Calafell Beach area helps make it a strong contender for a place you might want to visit right along with your trip to Barcelona. If you have children, then the beach of Calafell might be just what you need. After all, you can bribe them that if they go to a bunch of "boring" museums, they will be rewarded with a trip to PortAventura Park!