Why Visit Bogatell Beach?

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Lovely Bogatell Beach came to life in 1992, thanks to the Barcelona Olympics. A substantial and complex urban planning endeavor that coincided with the Olympics helped create new green spaces, gardens, beaches and more.

This fabulous beach was at the heart of this endeavor. Positioned near the Olympic Port, the beach of Bogatell is one of the best Barcelona beaches and one that you just shouldn’t miss!

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Best Hotels Near the Beach of Bogatell

When you are looking for the best places to stay in Barcelona, no doubt that areas of Barcelona city located near the beaches are among the best locations that we always recommend.

You'll find excellent transportation options in the neighborhood linking with Barcelona downtown or other areas. Or, depending on your hotel location, you can even take a short walk to Barcelona city center.

You can book any accommodation ranging from low to high fares, according to your needs and budget. There are hostels, B&B and hotels near Barcelona beaches. Or you may find cozy apartments to rent in Barcelona also near the seafront.

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Bogatell beach beach is conveniently located at just ten minute walk from the metro

This lovely beach is conveniently located just ten-minute walk from the metro

Getting the Most Out of Your Bogatell Beach Experience

Barcelona beach life is made all the more enjoyable, thanks to the great weather that the city and the entire region consistently enjoys. The beach of Bogatell has several key attributes which have made it a favorite with locals and travelers. This option often makes its way to the top of the Barcelona beaches guide list due to its excellent location and size.

Restored and improved in 1992, the beach of Bogatell is roughly 700 meters long and is also easily accessible from any point in Barcelona, thanks to the Llacuna or Poblenou Metro Station stops.

This convenient beach is only about a 10-minute walk from the metro. This means that even if you don't rent a car when you visit Barcelona, you can still quickly get to this destination.

Bogatell beach is adjacent to the Poblenou quarter, which is worth a visit

The beach is adjacent to the Poblenou quarter, which is worth a visit

Why is Bogatell One of the Best Barcelona Beaches?

The Bogatell area has much of the old Barcelona charm that most travelers wish to experience. There are small, narrow streets and cafes to explore in the El Poblenou quarter. In general, the area feels less hectic than other nearby neighborhoods.

The beach of Bogatell offers visitors a variety of activities. This is due in large part to Avenida Icaria, which intersects with the Bogatell area and extends to the Olympic Village.

Here you will find an assortment of options ranging from a supermarket and restaurants and more. If you want plenty to do, then check out all the possibilities at Avenida Icaria, as it also serves the entire area.

Bogatell beach is located between Nova Icaria (picture) and Mar Bella beaches

The beach of Bogatell is located between Nova Icaria (picture) and Mar Bella beaches

Barcelona Beaches Guide to Nova Icaria Beach and Mar Bella Beach

Joining Bogatell as both local and traveler favorites are Mar Bella Beach and Nova Icaria Beach. Both Mar Bella and Nova Icaria have much to offer. First, Nova Icaria Beach is near shopping, in particular, the Icaria shopping center, which also provides an English language cinema. This means that you can quickly pop in to see a film after a day at the beach. Nova Icaria is very well placed near the Olympic marina.

You can expect Nova Icaria Beach to remain favorite for many years to come as a wide range of activities exist in the area in addition to the beach. You can also expect a younger and hipper crowd when venturing to this beach.

Be ready; Mar Bella Beach has a section that is a nudist area. This area is somewhat blocked by a sizable dune and a surprising amount of bamboo and vegetation. Additionally, Mar Bella Beach is a favorite area for gays and lesbian beachgoers.

Of course, nudity is permitted on all beaches in Barcelona. So no matter where you may go, don't be surprised to see people sunning themselves in their "birthday suits."

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Making Your Trip Just a Little Easier

Getting around Barcelona’s seemingly endless variety of quality beaches don't have to be complicated or tricky in the least. There are many good travel options and some of these focus on not only adding to your experience but also reducing potential hassles.

Two great examples of this fact come in the form of GoCar and scooter rentals. Renting is easy and it makes traveling through busy Barcelona a much more pleasant process. Tourists are also happy to learn that GoCars and scooters offer GPS and assistance with tour details.

Partial view of Mar Bella beach, adjacent to Bogatell beach

Partial view of Mar Bella beach, adjacent to the beach of Bogatell

The Beach of Bogatell, Nova Icaria Beach and Mar Bella Beach - A Unique Blend

You may feel that it is tricky to choose from the different Barcelona beaches. Finding the best Barcelona beaches isn't impossible. Armed with an excellent Barcelona beach guide, it is possible to prioritize the beaches that seem to fit you best, your style and your needs.

The real key is to explore and experience Barcelona beach life. Why? This city's beaches rank as some of the best in the world. The quality, accessibility and surrounding environment and amenities all blend to create a beach experience that is truly unique.