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Bikini Club Barcelona is one of the oldest clubs in the city and is an excellent choice for the nightlife in Barcelona. The list of reasons that people travel to Barcelona is long. The weather, food, access to the ocean, incredible beaches and seemingly endless number of attractions are all reasons that people make this city a key global travel destination. Now add to this list the fact that Barcelona nightlife is among the best in the world.

Like all things in the city, the nightlife is also diverse. No matter what kind of nighttime fun you are looking for, the odds are excellent that you’ll be able to find it!

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Exciting Barcelona Nightlife at Bikini Club Barcelona

Barcelona live music is alive and well at Bikini Club Barcelona. This club is a true fixture. Why? It has been around for over 50 years and can be found in one Barcelona’s trendiest areas in the Avenida Diagonal area. Today, Bikini Club Barcelona stands as one of the most prestigious clubs in the city.

What has kept club goers coming back again and again for over five decades to the Bikini Club? Clearly, they are doing something right and has been doing it consistently for over 50 years. The club has a great ambience and is well known as being a great venue for listening to different types of Barcelona live music.

This fact, combined with a good and easily accessible location, help fuel its consistent and undying popularity. A third major factor is the size of Bikini Club Barcelona which has a capacity of 800 people.

The Location

Avenida Diagonal is a main thoroughfare that runs through the city. In fact, it divides Barcelona from west to east. You will see many major businesses as well as many hotels on this street. There are also different movie theaters and shopping centers as well. The bottom line is that this highly trafficked street makes it easy to find Bikini Club Barcelona.

You Can Enjoy Different Types of Music

Bikini Club Barcelona is well known for the fact that visitors can hear different types of music. You can expect to hear everything from rock, funk and hip-hop to Spanish, blues and salsa music. There is also a room just dedicated to chill-out music called the chill-out lounge. Basically, this means that no matter what your music preferences may be, you are likely to find something you enjoy listening to at the Bikini Club.

Added to all these factors is the fact that the sound system is excellent and local DJs are welcomed. Plus, if you want excellent people watching then it is tough to top this club.

Any club that wants longevity has to be flexible and adaptable. The feel of Bikini Club Barcelona is such that virtually everyone feels welcome. This is a key element to its success and a good reason why travelers will want to consider putting the club on top of their list of party venues.

Clubs have a tendency of “coming and going”, and there is much that can be learned and appreciated from Bikini Club’s impressive longevity. The welcoming atmosphere generated by the club is, no doubt, part of the reason why people keep coming back again and again.

Local DJs and Bands are Welcome

Another aspect of its longevity and popularity is that bands, local and otherwise, see it as a venue that they want to play Barcelona live music. As a result, these bands work to promote the club and make it a “hip” and happening location.

This is yet another reason that you will want to check out Bikini Club Barcelona when visiting the city, as you can not only see the hottest local DJs, but also some of Barcelona’s hottest bands as well.

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Barcelona Nightlife Has Much to Offer and Bikini Club Barcelona is a Fantastic Example

The bottom line is that Barcelona nightlife is diverse and has much to offer. At the heart is the very vibrant and lively Bikini Club. It’s large, has a larger than life feel, a good sound system, is welcoming, and has great acts and an excellent location on Avenida Diagonal.

The end result is a unique club that is well worth your time. Oh, yes, and the drinks tend to be rather good. What else can you really expect from a club?

Going out to party at night can get expensive. That’s why we recommend the Barcelona NightCard. This card offers free access to Bikini Club Barcelona as well as 22 of the other most exciting clubs to those who arrive before 2am. You will also get a cool looking card to carry around!