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Barceloneta beach is one of the most popular of the beaches in Barcelona. It is located in an old fisher's quarter called Barceloneta, where you'll find several good restaurants. It's also near the Port Olimpic, an area packed with activities. Part of what makes a trip to Barcelona so much fun is that the weather consistently cooperates with beach life. This fact combined with the fact that the Barcelona beaches are amazing makes for great beach fun.

Barcelona beaches in the summer are a real treat and are worth the trip all on their own! Barcelona beaches guidebooks often have their work cut out for them as there are so many good options to consider.

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Best Hotels Near Barceloneta Beach

You can book any accommodation in Barcelona which is located in key areas of the city, like the beach of Barceloneta and the Port Olimpic.

You may get the best deals for your hotel at a top location near the beach when you do a little planning before you travel to Barcelona. Arriving in the city without a reservation is not recommended, especially during high season.

Here you'll find cheap hotels in Barcelona Spain near the beach or options for families like Barcelona beach apartments for rent, or even hostels and Bed and Breakfast for those with a lower budget.

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Barceloneta Beach - Easy access to the beach by public transportation or by walking

Easy access to the beach by public transportation or by walking

The Beach of Barceloneta is Very Accessible

No discussion of the best Barcelona beaches can be made without mentioning the beach of Barceloneta. This option is very close to the city center and is quite accessible. The yellow Metro line (L4) makes traveling to this beach a breeze. It is possible to walk to this beach in as little as 15 minutes, which on a beautiful day can be a great way to spend the afternoon.

If you are in the very popular La Rambla area, expect the walk to Barceloneta to take you less than half an hour. If you opt for walking, there are some great potential attractions to see along the way, such as the Monument a Colom, a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and more. There are also bicycle parking areas at Port Olympic, which helps to make the beach of Barceloneta very convenient.

Barceloneta Beach - The Casino at Port Olympic

The Casino at Port Olimpic

Port Olimpic is Rich in Activities

Port Olimpic hosted the sailing events in the 1992 Summer Olympics, and it was built up to accommodate these exciting events. Today, it is an impressive marina that also is home to many bars, discos, casino, and restaurants.

Port Olimpic and the beach of Barceloneta are packed with activities. In fact, many visitors are surprised at how diverse their options are, for example, you can enjoy everything from trendy (and often expensive) restaurants that specialize in great seafood to nightclubs. It is no wonder that year after year the beach of Barceloneta is ranked as not just one of the best Barcelona beaches, but also one of the Barcelona's most lively areas.

The area is also designed to be highly usable. There are plenty of sports areas that accommodate everything from beach volleyball to beach tennis and even gymnastics.

Barcelona Ice Bar

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The Ice Bar Experience and the Beach

If you are looking for unique and exciting nightlife options to see while visiting Barcelona, then a trip to Port Olimpic has you covered uniquely and unexpectedly. Located on the beach is the very fun and brilliant, Ice Bar. This innovative bar is recommended by many Barcelona Beach guidebooks, as this impressive bar is open year round. It is a fun way to get a break from the heat and sun. Year round, temperatures are kept between -2 and -10 degrees Celsius.

Now you might be wondering how any beach lover could be expected to endure such a drastic change in temperature, but the people behind Ice Bar have it all figured out! All guests are given a warm jacket and gloves to go along with their drinks. Want to get some great photographs? Ones that will really surprise your friends and family? Then head to the Ice Bar for an excellent Barcelona memory.

Barcelona Small Group Sailing Trips

Barcelona Small Group Sailing Trips

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Planning Your Trip

When you are visiting the Barcelona beaches in the summer, don't forget that there is the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic sea tours. There are a variety of Barcelona sailing tours. Some of these trips even will teach you sailing techniques so that you can get a hands-on experience!

Another option we often recommend is Las Golondrinas. This company has been providing boat tours of Barcelona for more than 125 years! You will enjoy cruising past many of the city's top attractions.

Barcelona beaches are always fun and always make the most out of the consistent weather. You just can't travel all the way to Barcelona without checking out Port Olimpic and such world-class beaches as Barceloneta Beach. These areas are sure to put a smile on your face!