Barcelona Weather in January

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Barcelona Weather in January - The Three Wise Men celebration

The Three Wise Men celebration

The Weather in January

Barcelona weather in January is somewhat unstable, and weather conditions are those typical of the Mediterranean winter time. It is chilly (for us) and gray for a few days. Expect some moderate winds and some rain, though it is mostly sunny with clear skies.

After the new year and Three Wise Men festivities (January 6th), the city is less populated by tourists and could be a perfect time for visiting the most important places of interest and Barcelona attractions.

Average Data for the Barcelona Weather in January

Average Temperature in January: 11°C ( 52°F)
Average High in January: 16°C (61°F)
Average Low in January: 6°C (43°F)
Average Rain in January: 35mm - 1.3"
Average Rainy Days in January: 8

Season Advice for Barcelona Winter Weather