Barcelona Weather in April

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Barcelona Weather in April - Jardins Miramar (Montjuïc)

Jardins Miramar (Montjuïc)

The Weather in April

Barcelona weather in April is very similar to the preceding month, but with higher temperatures and a few more occasional rains, though they do not last long. Some partially cloudy days, but mostly sunny with clear skies.

Spring takes force and puts more green leaves in the trees. The weather is nice, and temperature will be adequate to wear a T-shirt, especially during the second half of the month. The festivities of Sant Jordi on April 23rd brings literature and love to the city. A lot of rose vendors and book stands are spread all over Barcelona city.

Average Data for the Barcelona Weather in April

Average Temperature in April: 17°C (63°F)
Average High in April: 21°C ( 70°F)
Average Low in April: 13°C ( 55°F)
Average Rain in April: 24mm - 0.94"
Average Rainy Days in April: 8

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